Ducati Scrambler


So apparently neither Triumph nor Jeep could trademark the name Scrambler?! I don't post here very often, but I was a bit taken back by the likeness of this new bike to Triumph's Scrambler.


It is pretty cool, though. 100 lbs less weight and 16 more hp. I like it.


That was the first thing I thought when I saw the name as well. I even checked the spelling to see if it was spelled differently.


The "scrambler" is hardly a Triumph thing. That name has been around for decades and used by several makers.


nice bike, stupid video
I'll look for it at the NYC bike show this year
I won't sell my Thruxton, now with Bonneville foot controls and a tubular handlebar, for one but I may add another bike
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Actually the tank is pretty spot on with those old Ducati 450s. I might actually forgive my old 450 for breaking my ankle if this new one is nice to ride.


Talkin' Ducati Scramblers…

I rode a '64 Duc 250 way back in the day…
My favorite scrambler!

Now, if I had the dead presidents, I would consider the modern classic Borile 450…

This Bastard ain't 2 bad…
Cool!2:03 explains it all!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JmSeB6KnTg4


Duc scramblers are on my wish list…
Almost bought this "Bad Boy" that was at Barber last year…
"Keep on Chooglin"
Hence the CCR reference in my signature…
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75bhp and 376 lbs!
Triumph needs to upgrade their Scrambler: loss 100 lbs + 25 bhp
that's a tall order


Not sure that Ducati are aiming at Triumph. The Triumph Scrambler is a classic type bike. The Ducati scrambler is totally modern, looking at younger hip people and older people who want a lighter machine.

Although both called Scrambler, I don't see them as the same type of bike.

So although the Triumph is heavier and slower, it has a totally different look and following...
The low pipe barely hanging off the road bugs me for a scrambler...

Me too, that's why I would consider the high piper if I were to seriously consider it.



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I think the design of the Ducati engine must make it extremely difficult to incorporate into a frame which is anywhere near as cool as the parallel twin. The bike above looks like it was designed for a different engine and then had to shoe-horn the Duc engine in at the last minute.
Not gonna lie--I really like it. If I were in the market like I was in 2008 for a second bike, I would have easily snagged this up.


+1. Low pipes, no bash plate...appears to be a street scrambler to me.
Yup! To both of your comments… (B06Tang)

I would love a single 500cc Duc scrambler thumper! Lower cost and just as much fun! The sound of a single tingles! Oh yeah! High pipe yes! Skid plate yes!
On second look the pipes don't look to low for this ol' man's riding pleasures!
I'm going to look at them when my local dealer get's one!


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Flaco - those vids of the Borile bikes are great. One of those 450s would be awesome to own.

bluesforchallah - that sure is a nice pic of the Ducati with the 90° engine. I just think that bike looks good. It may be a bit on the heavy side but it's still a nice bike.

There are more than a few of us that would jump all over a single cylinder Triumph. Just wish that Triumph would consider building one. I think there are more than enough people out there that would love to buy a small bike just because the costs would be lower.

Found this while cruising the web. It's a 1938 Peugeot 515. Didn't even know they existed.