decat - x pipe

Hi guys I am a new Bonneville T 120 Owner. Not my first Triumph, I also owned an 08 T 100. Has anyone done the x pipe on their T 120 and how did you like the difference? Also has anyone tried to gut the cat and see if that made any difference? Does anyone have a cat they want to get rid of? Because I would like to try that and see how it works before I put out a couple bucks for an x pipe. New member from the mountains of NC. P.S. Great roads here, and not just the Dragon.


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I have only performed the Free Spirits X-Pipe swap on a customer's bike and done a test ride. It does change the exhaust pitch/tone a bit... makes it more growly, but not much louder... and it did seem to make the bike a bit peppier. Given the complexity of the OEM Cat, I would guess that trying to modify or clean it out would take more time, resources and money than it is worth. It's a solid welded unit not easily opened up or modified.