D9 Sharkey V1 Headlight Brackets


Guys, I've got to sing the praises of our fellow NBR member Seth and D9 Bonneville Brackets http://bonnevillebrackets.com/.

I don't typically buy "bling" for my bikes, preferring functional items that improve performance, handling, braking or comfort.
However, wanting to replace the awfull headlight brackets of my '14 T100, I was fortunate to acquire a set of Sharkey V1 Headlight Brackets from D9 Bonneville Brackets.

I've got to tell you, these items are top shelf, high quality headlight brackets. They’re beautifully crafted and finished in satin black. Obviously great care and workmanship went into their manufacture, as they are void of machining and tool marks. They are superior in appearance to, and offer a significant weight savings over, the pressed steel OEM stock headlight brackets. Indeed they provide for a more stable headlight mount than the stock brackets do. The fitment was impressive, with everything, including fasteners, mating together well, requiring no additional effort to install. All in all these brackets enhance the look of the front end of the motorcycle; and demonstrate the pride in ownership that installing only the best of aftermarket components will do.

Now that I replaced the headlight brackets I had to relocate the ignition switch. I purchased the D9 Bonneville Brackets VDO Angled Ignition Relocation Bracket V2 in black powder coat. I know you must be aware of this item as many new Bonneville owners use one and have sung the praises of this bracket.
Well, here's my two cents. This is a well made bracket that displays a high level of thoughtful design, and quality workmanship in manufacture. The fitment was impressive, with the clocks and ignition switch, including fasteners, mating together well, again requiring no additional effort to install. Finished in satin black powder coat the bracket matches very well with the OEM upper triple clamp and handlebar controls.

Folks, if you've been considering the purchase of D9 brackets I strongly suggest you pull the trigger and invest in these quality components for your modern classic Triumph.


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Nice looking T100! I agree with you... and have had D9 make a bracket for my 2008 Bonneville as well as a 2012 Thruxton I owned and sold. I recently added the Sharky's to the Bonnie as well.

Seth at Bonneville Brackets is currently making a new bracket for my custom 2008 Bonneville Black to mount 2 Speedhut gauges. I'll share photos when that project upgrade is completed.


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Here are black Sharkeys on my 2008 Bonneville. These are the nicest looking headlight brackets I've ever owned.


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