Custum painting of Bonneville Eyebrow emblem


Two Stroke

Waiting for a month after I ordered the emblem paint at the custom paint shop, the finsihed emblem arrived today. As you can see, I requested the shop to paint my emblem with the image of the one for 1971 Bonnevile T120.

I am satisfied with the professional job as you can see the details.



Street Tracker
Agreed! That is a big improvement over the stock badges. Gives me ideas to do my own now.

What did you do to treat the surfaces before the paint? My thinking is that I would scuff the surface a bit with very fine steel wool and then clean up with lacquer thinner before painting.


Two Stroke
R.Hawks-san, Texas94fs-san, D9-san, Roger-san, strokerlmt-san,

Thank you for the comments! This has been something that I wanted to do for the long time. As I mentioned, I ordered this painting job to the professional paint shop in Japan. I am not sure how they did the actual painting processes, but they mentioned that they need to do a special pretreatment to increase adhesion force on the surface of emblem. So, I am not sure if this could be done by DIY.


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windsorlad-san, Kon-nichi-wa (hello)!
This is something like self-satisfied item, but it does make me happy in Bonneville life!