Comparing two airbox eliminator kits


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Well the box part anyway. I had bought a "NARK" from New Bonneville and for the most part is is a well-made unit. Except that the fuse box gets relocated to the front of the box (quite inconvenient) and the prongs for attaching the relays are all too close to the filters. So I was having the odd issue with the starter relay shorting against the pod filter end cap.

So being the idiot I am, I complained to who I thought I had bought it from, but instead I complained to British Customs, not New Bonneville. It's because my bookmark for BC says "New Bonneville". Anyway, the guy from BC seemed very confused until we worked out my mistake. So I tried one of his boxes instead and it works a LOT better. No problems with the placements of anything. Even the rear brake reservoir is better placed than with the NARK.

So if you are considering which one to get, I would recommend the unit from BC, not New Bonneville!


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Keep in mind that having the fuse block off to the side while making it easier to get to it can get wet if you ride in heavy rain. I had it happen to me a few years ago in a heavy down pour lost lights, and horn until everything dried out.