Clocks 4 Bikes


Street Tracker
For those of you that don't have a clock on your bike, and are looking for one I'm going to suggest Clocks 4 Bikes. Ross & Linda are really nice people and you couldn't ask for better service. I've had one on my bike going on two years or so now, but a couple weeks ago I went for a ride and while I was at lunch someone decided they liked my clock more than I did, so I needed a replacement. Fortunately they left the mounting base. While I was out of town last week I sent them an email on Thursday they gave me a smoking deal on a replacement and it was here on Monday... Great service!!!


Two Stroke
I've had one for 3 years and it's been great. Completely waterproof and keeps perfect time. I replaced the battery about 6 months ago for about $1.50.
Could not agree more. Ross and Linda give excellent quality service. My mechanic "lost" my clock during a test ride and Clocks for Bikes completely replaced it...without hesitation. Just purchased my second clock from them for my new Thruxton.
Two thumbs up.