Chat Room?


Over at the old place there were chat rooms but no one ever used them. Back in the old days before telephones and Western Union I actually enjoyed Internet chat rooms, and I think it would be fun with the crowd we have here. Whadayathink?


TT Racer
I used it a couple times, it was nice to talk to most people but it would probably not be all that successful here, it seems that most of us pop on read all the new posts, submit replies, ask questions and bolt. but what the hell, I've been wrong before.

Hamr Mark

TT Racer
It could, and probably would work. What about having it run at set times...say 4 hours EST...that way people would know that people will be there. Over on the old site, I used it 2x and it was kinda cool.


I only tried it once on the ratsite and found it quite interesting, but the problem was when it was u conversing with one or two people great ,but when several people where typing away I went into brain fade trying to keep up and had to escape..


Uh, that would be me. :(

food for thought KingBear :lol2: