Centre stand and pissed-on foot

Hi there fellow Triumphers

I recently sold my old BMW and bought a 2009 Triumph Bonneville - so far very happy with the ride. Two things tho: the bike doesn't have a centre stand, so cleaning and lubing the chain is going to be a ball-ache of note - wheeling the bike forward 6 inches at a time, cos the chain is hard to get to. Suggestions? Can you buy a centre stand? If not I might make one myself.
The other issue I had was that the bike pissed out some kind of clear liquid onto my left shoe the first few times I rode it. I have since taken to turning off the petrol in between rides, and the problem appears to have abated. Would like to know if anyone has had a similar issue? What confused me is that the liquid didn't smell like petrol! I thought perhaps the previous owner either cleaned the bike, and water had been trapped somewhere, or the battery or cooling system had been overfilled. This after I discovered the oil window 'wasn't working' as the former owner had put a litre too much oil in! Drained sump somewhat and oil window works fine ..
Hi Derek! I bought an 09 Bonnie new. I’ve been very happy with it. The battery should be a sealed item. The only fluids the bike has are fuel, oil, and brake fluid. I’d suspect water from washing, depending on how much you rode it those first times.

I bought the centre stand from Triumph and installed it easily. Wheel cleaning and chain work are much easier.

Good of luck with your ride!
Hi CarolinaRider, thanks for your reply .. good to know that someone else has bought a centre stand. Will hunt around for a second-hand one, ta