Cee Baileys Bonneville Windscreen


My 2010 Bonneville was purchased with the quick release long haul windscreen already on it. I immediately noticed I was not a fan of this screen due to the terrible buffeting around my helmet. For the record, I am 5'-9" tall, and the blast coming off the windshield would rattle my head around pretty severely above 65 mph. Purchased a Cee Baileys replacement screen that was 2" taller (18" vs the previous screens 16" ht.), and also 2" wider (1" per side). Let me tell you it made a world of difference! Reduced the buffeting around my head by at least half. Much more comfortable ride now. Cee Baileys sells replacement acrylic only that uses your existing hardware, so the price is very reasonable (approx. $120). Quality and clarity are equal to if not better than the Triumph screen. Fit and finish gets 5 stars out of 5. Only took a few minutes to swap it out. Top shelf product - Kudos to Cee Baileys for a great product and quick delivery. I think I will take my original long haul screen and cut it down for summer riding. For those of you that might be unhappy with your summer screen or long haul screen, look into Cee Baileys. You will not be disappointed.