Can Flaming be tolerated?


Can Flaming be tolerated?
I don't know? Let's find out. :)

Shut the fuck up you retarded syphilitic scooter riding rent boy. :finger:

Do we really need a political section for that, or anything else?:d


NBR founder
How about a Political section - where outrageous flaming is allowed, if not encouraged ?!:popcorn:

Negative ghostrider .. that pattern is full.

I suppose if I was to create a Political section, the next thing you'd want would be a section where everyone could share their religion, religious experience, and then a section for flaming said religion?

Nah ... this one here is about motorcycles - let's talk about motorcycles. I could care less if you flame someone - to a point, as long as there is just cause behind it. But, dont I have a blurb about that in the rules? Ya know, like showing up randomly in threads and being a dick? Besides being annoying, that's just fucking stupid. If you flame me, you better be prepared to deal with the big ol hairy redneck return - and I do pack some big guns. ;)

BTW - has bloggin sections where you can share your love of politics. :cheer:


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I agree more motorcycles. We have the oil thread that is political.

I go over to and listen to Neal Boortz. When did I become a Republican?
Weird.... And No I don't live in a log cabin with my GF

More motorcycle mods please