buying used and saving big time

buying used and saving big time

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    Votes: 3 7.3%
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Well, I bought mine new so I don't have much of a reference point as to what is considered a bargain or fair or whatever.

I know what mileage my Bonnie has on it and some of you have posted what yours had on it when you got it.

I'd be interested in taking a poll, but it might be invalid since there would be so many variables, but that hasn't stopped me before.

Soooo here goes. What kind of mileage did your used bonnie have on it when you bought it.

Sal Paradise

I went to the dealership a picked out a B&W T100. It was a demo with 1000 miles. Fell in love, like it was a done deal. As always, I like to go home and think about it, but I was 100% sold. I told the dealer I would call him the next day.

The next morning my buddy calls me at work. The same bike is on craigslist in Greenwich Connecticut and this one only has 200 miles on it! And its 100% stock. So we get in his truck with a pocket full of money and ride over. Lo and behold the same tuxedo in some rich guy's garage. It had never been out of the neighborhood.

Long story short - took her home. Saved about 3 large.


Bought my '07 new...had 8 miles on it. Techs took it for a spin to make sure everything was kosher before I took possession. I was not the first person to sit on it, though--as I was signing the papers a customer was eyeing my new bike with admiration and sure enough, hoists his leg over the saddle and plops his butt down on the seat. My salesperson put an end to his adventure quickly.


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Actually I've had two Bonnies both used. The first was an '03 with 1200 miles on it, and the 2nd an '07 with 4250 for miles. Both have been great bikes with no problems.


What the heck happened? Can't you guys view the results? Hmmm. I don't know how to fix this.

Well, I voted, but it's skewed since mine was new at the time. Oh well, now you can see the results.
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got mine dirt cheap since the orignal owner had trouble with it cutting out in the rain. Dealers swapping ignition coils etc to no avail.
I scrounged the t-rat forum for info , then decided to go for it. (VERY glad I did :))
It did not cut out for me the first season I owned it, but the next year it did a couple times. Each time , opening the tank lid and I could ride on. Have since slash cut the breather hose and not had those issues anymore.