Burton Bike Bits Cafe Racer Seat


I just received this today! I had seen it last week on BBB's web site as it was just released, had not even seen one mounted until I put mine on. I think it's The Business!
Danny with Burton Bike Bits sent me daily emails keeping me informed of the shipping and customs status all the way up until it arrived.

I'll post some pics as soon as I pass my probationary status.


TT Racer
Post those pics! :) I've been waiting to see how that one looks like on a bike. Been to their site and a few others as well a couple of times over the past few weeks trying to decide on a seat.


Street Tracker
I too would love to see picts of that seat on a bike... stop being such a tease, picts or it never happened! :)


Two Stroke
I have the burton seat and really like it.
(not my bike in the pic below but am aiming for this look)

P.S also this utube vid contains a real good close up look at the burton seat. again, not my bike.


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Cafe Racer
If you are looking for retro, then I think the Burton seats are shiz-nit! Gorgeous look seat!


Street Tracker
The type pictured look great but as mentioned in my right up on them they are not comfortable if you are 6ft or more tall, the chrome trim falls off after a while because it is attached in cheap shit way and when fitted has an unsightly gap between the fuel tank and the front of the seat and is also attached on the rear with cheap tin like brackets.

For the chrome trim I ended up having to make small spacers to allow the screws to be fully tightened up otherwise to try and tighten them as they are just results in the trim becoming all bent and odd shaped and looking like shit plus they will still come loose. I also made a rear bracket to replace the shit tin ones and positioned it so that when the seat was fitted it sits slightly more forward to close the gap. To make the seat more comfortable I had to have more foam inserted by an upholsterer in the area at the front where it dips down, add that to the additional cost I had paid to have gel inserts fitted by Burton. This allowed me to sit back a bit more and not be constantly pushed forward, unfortunately the seat has now lost that nice shape they have and looks flat but at least I can now ride more then 20k's without loading up my wrists. At the end of the day an already expensive seat is now hard to justify. I just cannot understand why Burton chooses to make an aftermarket seat for the later Bonnies but changes the top profile shape to that of the factory seat making the riding position totally different, it is not even a logical shape when you really look at it as it doesn't have you sitting in the seat but pushing you forward on an angle.