British Cutoms Turn Signals


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OK so I when I bought my Thruxton (back in 09) she had these little turn signals on her. Well over the years I got tired of fighting with the bulbs breaking and what not so I noticed that British Customs offers them I figured I'd buy a new set. I decided to go with the smoked lenses to clean up the look, and had them special order in 3-wire lights so I had the option of using them as both a running lights and turn signal. So I've had them on the bike about 6 months now. In that time I've already had 3 of the four of turn signals fail. The socket (housing that holds the bulb) breaks allowing the light to wiggle around enough to not only break the bulb but rip the wires out of it. So
I contact BC and the reply is that they're going to have the company private label them (ie put BC's name on them) so if I buy another set they'll have a better warranty.

I'm sure I'll buy another set or modify a set, but it won't be from British Customs :(


Yes I tried those turn signals as well when I purchased my predators. I was very disappointed. Soft aluminum bolt and both bulbs where burnt out upon receipt. They where on the bike two days before one of them snapped. So I threw on an old set from another bike. Found some on amazon that I ended up really liking, and at half the cost of the crap from BC.
+1 on all of the bad experiences with those signals. At least BC did send me a replacement set- but that set has since had the same snap off as described in the 1st post. Too bad, because some of BC's other stuff is pretty cool. Not sure what I will replace them with- I really want a plug and play.


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I was able to make mine work after modifications, but I can assure you I'll be very careful with ANYTHING I ever buy from them again.