British Custom Sleepers - MAG Wheel Bonnie

Location - Centreville, VA
Price = $240 + shipping (willing to ship ANYWHERE. We can calculate shipping).
Email Me Directly = [email protected]

Selling a pair of mag wheel BC sleepers. I do not have the kickstand blocker but I do have the extra rubber grommet so that you can make your own. I just put a piece of rubber tubing down my kickstand to avoid any damage.

Right Side (chain side) - dew scratches but nothing crazy. Mostly unnoticeable from the angle...but I like to be full disclosure.

Left Side (kickstand side)

Rubber Kickstand stopper (what I would do is just buy a L bracket and dremel out enough to get the stopper through and screw it to to the back of the exhaust clamp... IF you care to do this)