Breakfast Run

Took a ride with my son in law last Sunday.
Just drove west till we got hungry.
Came upon the "Brick Farm Market" in Hopewell, NJ.
The out side look is deceiving to the inside.
Upon entering you are hit by the smells of breakfasts cooking, coffee, the butcher shop, the cheese shop and the bakery.
That was where it stopped for me though.
I get on the breakfast line and opt for the Belgium Waffle with daily fresh fruit.
I add a side of bacon and a medium cup of coffee.
All for $19.00.
Now I'm not one to fret over the price of a good meal.
HOWEVER, when I am presented with 1(yes one) EGGO waffle, cut in 4 and a spoonful of peach preserve on top, I DO have a problem.
P.S. the bacon was nothing special considering there was a butcher shop on site.
Needless to say I will not be returning.



ouch $19.00 is an insult. Our local diner pre ride breakfast. OJ, good coffee as much as you want, 2 eggs, home made home potatoes, bacon, ham or sausage, fruit, $9.95 + tax and tip ;-))))