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Street Tracker
Hmmm...good to know. I'm looking for a change w/o really changing anything. Slotting my thruxton mill into a new chassis would probably solve that issue.


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Bill Gately is the guy you want to talk to about any and all of these questions. He owns Bonneville Performance and has designed and built the Street Tracker pictured in this thread any many others of various sizes and shapes. He has also designed and built the AMA Pro Flat Track 995 Supertrackers that are factory sponsored by Triumph and raced by Jake Shoemaker #55. Bill has the monoshock conversion kit and many other high performance kits, parts and ideas that he would be happy to discuss with any serious potential customer.

I purchased one of his high performance engine rebuilds that took my 2008 865cc stock engine to 1100cc with a balanced crank, oversized valves, race cams, 2-into-1 exhaust and Mikuni HSR45 carbs... producing 104 HP and 76 ft.lbs. of torque at the rear wheel.

Visit and use the contact form to send him an email with any questions.
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