Best Seat for a Bigger Rider


...for this old rider, at least! Recently acquired a slightly used "Cafe-style" seat by Sixty-8 for my new '09 Bonnie. Stock seat was a little hard, and I was restricted to sitting on the front part of the seat, or to sitting on the hard ridge (and strap) where the seat transitions to the passenger area. This seat seems wider, and is definitely better padded (thicker and softer). It also allows me to move my seating position some 8-10 inches, fore or aft. And finally, it looks GREAT: The extended cafe design gives it a swift appearance, but since this is a full-length seat, it allows the everyday rider a lot of latitude-- and would even work for carrying a passenger a short haul, in an emergency (for any real two-up riding I would bring the stock seat off the shelf). I've owned some three dozen motorcycles of many makes and nationalities, and tried a lot of aftermarket combinations, including customization, gel pad insertion, etc.-- and I've never found a perfect seat, for my 6'1" and 235# self, off the shelf-- I wouldn't tweak a thing on this one. With the BillyBars AND the German adjustable rider pegs I just bought, my aging back and knees are ready for travel. New equivalent of my seat can be seen at:

Hi I'm new to the forum with a 09 SE. Was wondering about the German adjustable footpegs--- do you have a link or more info?