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you missed a great ride last weekend mate to Wollombi. Was actually another T/bird with group later. There is a ride this Sunday to Gosford for fish & chips via maralong if interested, that goes for you to 78 and any other sydney area guys.

Was also some very nice bikes from other groups as well

more details here
well I am now the owner of another Trumpy the Thunderbird 900


Should be arriving on Monday.
Still have my bon tho, and the T/bird does require engine work


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also the ton up boys mc are having their ,ride with the rockers, run soon in Sydney soon .cant find the date but have mates in the club and will ask them and post when i find out. its a good day out. Dave the t-bird looks good let us know whats the go with the motor when you get into it


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google ,ride with the rockers 2010,then pick up roadriders web page for details. ive had a few comment about whats the point or value of joining this group i guess this is one of the reasons,keeping track of oz events


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hey sportyone, seen you been playing with the sepos on their gun thread. they just dont get it eh! lol

1000 motorcyclists in CTP protest
Aug 31, 2010
About 1000 angry motorcyclists have taken to the street outside Parliament House in Sydney to protest at the high insurance premiums they say they are being forced to pay.
Compulsory Third Party (CTP) insurance premiums for motorcyclists have increased by as much as 105 per cent since the new Green Slip scheme introduced by the state government in July, they were told.
"In the eyes of this government, we motorcyclists seem to be bad and ugly," Motorcycle Council of NSW chairman Rob Colligan told the rally at midday (AEST) on Tuesday.
"Therefore we must be taxed off the road.
"We're here because we're not happy. In fact, we're deeply unhappy," Mr Colligan told the crowds of roaring bikies."
Several bikes roared up and down the road during the protest, but most motorcyclists stayed on the footpath and raised their helmets in solidarity.
Sydney's 500,000 motorcyclists were being punished despite being part of the solution to the city's infrastructure and environment problems, Mr Colligan said.
"As riders, we already play a big role in reducing greenhouse emissions.
"Our bikes use from just two litres to four litres per hundred kilometres."
NSW Nationals Leader Andrew Stoner told the rally the increase in premiums was "absolutely outrageous".
"The government has provided, through the Motor Accidents Authority, dodgy data over to the insurance companies that allows them to rip you off."
In a statement released earlier on Tuesday, Finance Minister Michael Daley said it was expected that more than 50 per cent of motorcycle riders would pay less for their Green Slip.
"The motorcycle riders who have experienced an increase in their Green Slip as a result of these changes are riding classifications of bikes that are over-represented in accidents."
Mr Colligan accused Mr Daley of "playing with figures", saying many decreases were only between $6 and $10.
"The rest (of the premiums) are going up in hundreds and hundreds of dollars so to use that is playing with figures," he told reporters after the rally.

"Great turn out great day"

Pete R

Hey Blokes and Blokettes,

If anybody's up for a blast on a Saturday or a Monday please let me know. I work Sundays - it's a bastard but it's a gig.

I'm near Kurrajong but generally head off from Winza. Then we try to return to the Arms at Winza for a couple of sherbets and some comfort food from Vicki - her Bangers & Mash is the best!

And if any of you frequent Windsor and the Macquarie Arms on a Sunday, keep an eye out for a yellow Thrux on the verandah of the 2 storey joint (music shop) across the road from the park. It'll be me at work.

was at Macquarie Arms on Sunday pete
Went to the Vintage bike show at Macquarie Park. Awesome collection of bikes on show! Never saw yr Thruxton but not surprising with the number of bikes there lol

Pete R

Nah the Thrux was at work parked on the front verandah (there until about 4:30/5pm?) I saw the all the bikes heading over the river and thought "you bastards!" :D

The joys of being self employed. However every second Monday I get to go for a blast when the roads arent busy. Went over to the shop at Camden (Camden Bike and Power), I'm trying to talk a mate into a Bonnie. Anybody had dealings with this shop?
Have a friend (Pete ironically) who is working there part time. Keep meaning to take a look as He bought his Rocket 3 and Tiger there. He reckons there great But then again He may be bias lol
I think He is also looking at buying a Bon for his g/friend Maureen.

Got this email from broker for T/bird motor I bought in US yesterday

"Hello Dave,

All confirmed and ready for shipping on 17th...



Its been awhile since we done a Night ride to the City and I for one would love to do another. 17th is the week before xmas and if too close I am open to an alternative date. Those interested please let me know.

Plan is:

Meet 6pm at macca's Eastern Creek City bound on M4. Park up at Harrys Cafe de wheels for a drink at Fresco's and of course a Tiger pie at Harrys. Stop at Kings X and then finish at parramatta's Sidewalk cafes.

Hope we can get a few for this one as it is always a fun ride.


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Hey guys. Coop here from the Gold Coast.
I like Triumphs, Harleys, Ducatis, and long walks on the beach (not)
Much prefer a good flog thru the hills on a bike.
fuck the long walk on beach. Shagging on incoming tide does it for me and uses just as many calories :) pleased yr found it But fraid no reminders provided mate so just keep coming back. SO LOVE YR WORK
p.s when you moving to Sydney?