Advice required... negotiating with Triumph main dealer for a new bike?


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Hi all,

I've never bought a brand new bike before so I'm not really sure as to how much wriggle room there are on the list prices. My intention is to buy the new Bobber Black and to add some options. Can anyone tell me from past experience what to expect?

Thanks in advance,



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This may vary depending on where you are located. But, in my experience here in the US, most Triumph dealers don't need to negotiate too much because of the demand for their products... especially the more popular and unique new ones like the Bobber. You can sometimes get better deals on last year models such as trying to buy a 2017 Bobber now as the 2018 is coming out.

The other negotiating tool is whether or not you need financing or can just pay cash... cash speaks louder! You may be able to negotiate some or all of the "extras" as a part of a fair cash deal.

Also, from personal experience, the much better deals are found buying pre-owned motorcycles. Someone else has taken the initial depreciation hit, and you can usually find very low mileage, well-maintained options.