advice needed


New member here. Been riding for forty years, almost exclusively on Japaneses sportbikes, currently an '07 Hayabusa.

I have an opportunity to pick up an '08 Bonneville Black that has not been ridden for about six years. Was dropped an walking speed on grass, bending one peg bracket and brake lever, parts replaced, slight scratches on cases from the bent parts, not really noticeable unless you bend over and look for them. Chrome is unpitted, paint to dirty to judge, but no damage obvious beyond needing a good polish and wax.

Bike has 167 miles! Buyer has money, is unmotivated to sell, will never ride it, and wants $2500. Bike is filthy, but has been in a garage at all times.

I figure it will need a battery, fuel flush and probably a fuel system cleaning.

I'm holding out for $2000, I rode it when it was new, will either make a custom cafe bike, bobber, or possibly just flip it if the other options don't work out.

Do you all think it is worth $2500?



Bike has 167 miles! Buyer has money, is unmotivated to sell, will never ride it, and wants $2500. Bike is filthy, but has been in a garage at all times.

Something about this statement bothers me. 167 miles! Really? How filthy is filthy? Even if garaged, honestly, he did not take proper care of it. I guess you could say this bike was "abused" due to neglect, and it could be more trouble than its worth to bring it back from the dead. But, if you want a "project bike", it could be a good prospect for a couple of grand. I'd still try to get him to sell it for less. In reality it is unrideable in its present condition, so you should try to get him down to $1500 considering all the WORK to properly restore it. Those carbs are seriously gummed up by now, and even with such low miles, a set of new tires and chain will be in order and maybe all new rider controls. The parts alone may set you back another thousand easily. But then again, if you have the time to put into it as a hobby bike, GO FOR IT!


The value is what the buyer is willing to pay !!

No matter the mileage, condition, and or obvious repairs needed , or what ever the pundits on whatever web site you choose. It's still only worth what you the buyer are willing to pay.

Yes all the indicators you state on the mileage and condition of the bike are suspect .
I would look the seller in the eye, ask hard questions, look around his garage, what kind of environment is evident , what about the obvious care of his personal vehicles ??
All these might give you some insight to the seller and his truthfulness .

An old axiom I learned a long time ago , buyers are liars, and sellers are yellers. YMMV :pick:


I know the seller, the bike was not abused, the guy was challenged riding it, fixation-targeted his lawn and dumped it on the grass...twice!

Only damage was bent pegs/controls that scratched cases down real low, tough to see unless you get on your knees. Parts have been replaced.

He stopped riding due to a medical condition.

I think if I'm lucky, I can flush the tank, clean up the carbs, throw on new tires and battery, clean up the paint and go. Damn thing isn't even broken in yet. I guess I would change the oil, too but that's about it.

With a clean chain with 167 miles, that certainly will not need to be replaced.

But I don't want to struggle to sell it for top dollar. I think running great and looking good and having less than 200 miles I should be able to sell it in a blink for close to $ that unrealistic?

While I'm mechanically competent, I'm not familiar with these bikes, so I'm gonna want to get this for $2K for it to be worth my while.


Go for it. Get it running and you'll be happy either riding it or turning it. But for under $2,500 you'll be ahead. I'd bet that you'll only have to invest in new battery and some fresh gas. The bike ain't old enough to have many if any issues.