790 ECU upgrade?


I am enjoying my recently bought 2005 Bonnie on the odd dry day that I've had a chance to try it out even if it is damn cold! I will want to beef it up eventually though and will end up getting a 902 kit from Norman Hyde when funds allow. For now though I am looking to convert to K&N air filters, a "less restrictive" exhaust and jetting to suit. I have heard that you can get an upgraded ECU that will improve power? I am very ignorant regarding these new fangled gizzmo's and don't understand how these black boxes work so I've obviously even less idea how one could be better than the other? Can anyone explain in the simplest of terms please?


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You have some choices. 1) reprogram your stock CDI to raise the limiter to a higher rpm/change the advance curve to match. Mike at Triumph Twin Power (TTP) in England is the go to guy for that. 2) buy a replacement ignitor from Mike that has the programming already incorporated 3) Buy a procom ignitor that is programmable by selecting ignition maps already loaded into the CDI.

I sent my ignitor several years ago to TTP and had the limiter raised/ignition curve loaded to go with the cams I'm running. For you, the '05 790 mills only had a redline of 7,200 rpms and getting the limiter raised to 8,500 is a relatively cheap upgrade. I believe it was only 100 bones or so to get the limiter modified. Probably a bit more now as that was about 8 years ago for me. The ignition curve would only need to change if you go to different cams, which is unnecessary given you have a 790 and not an 865.


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After a failure of my stock ECU (see blog post: http://triumphbonneville.org/triumph-bonneville-ignition-control-unit-cdi-limiter-failure/) I've gone the Procom Engineering route by purchasing one of their programmable ECU's and tuning it using their software, and some of their downloadable maps. I've had good success with this solution since then. The early ECU's had some problems, but they seem to have worked out the issues. In the last few years I've had no trouble with these on several bikes. http://www.procomeng.com/estore/ecu-controller.html

A friend has gone the TTP route for his 2013 EFI Bonneville. You can read about his experiences here: http://triumphbonneville.org/efi-tuning-triumph-twin-power/