400+ Mile Day


I have been working 60 hour weeks, not much time for anything.
I had yesterday off to rest and when I got up this morning i was ready for a ride. I did a big loop of the Texas Hill Country. The ride the locals call ''The Three Sisters''. Saw a ton of bikes, the wildflowers were going crazy, helped pull a Goldwing out of a ditch, and got smoked by a Norton in the twistys.

I did take my camera but did not take a single pic.
I should have given a shout out to the central Texas crew to see who else wanted to go, los sientos,Ya'll.

My bike rolled over 20,000 on this jaunt.:rock:
Let's hope this long cold spring is over!


400 miles! Dude, I did only 230 miles today (after doing about 200 miles each of the last two days) and my ass is killing me! I've officially decided I hate the hell out of my stock Bonnie seat.

Lots of rolling hills through the Blue Ridge, some serious twisties on 9-11% grades, just rural roads and highways, no Interstates! Like you said the weather was great so the roads were full of bikes, mostly pirates.

Rock on!


Rode not quite 100 miles south to Carbondale, IL... boring ride... completely exhausted, sore, numb in all the usual places... got to my in-laws place & had to crash on the couch for an hour... lame, LOL!
Definitely gotta re-enlist the motorcycle muscles... felt like a newbie today. Breaking in a new helmet too... good to know others
are out there finding the Bonneville groove I could not today...
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Rode 100+ miles with my bride to the Keys. It was hot as hell and fatigue got the best of me today. When I got home we were beat from the heat and wearing a full face helmet, coat and gloves were like sitting in a suana with a parka. Definitely have to ride early in the morning or late afternoon now that summer is here. You can't predict the thunderstorms in Florida in the summer either. It's nice one minute and the next it is like a hurricane.


Hey Coastie, I feel for you man.
After having survived over 13 years in FL. getting out on the road by 7:00am and back home by mid day I had just flat had enough of it.
Best thing I can recommend is to buy a total mesh jacket and some of the new style perforated Armor I have been reading about.
After that it's HYDRATE constantly, I'm talking put a water source in your tank bag and a tube up to your shoulder, take a drink every 15 minutes. Works a treat !!