2015 Bonnie Newchurch


TT Racer
Norman Hyde rear sets, folding mirrors, dart fly screen, frame sliders, race tech fork springs, led turn signals, rear fender delete, black levers, knee tank pad, small polished stainless steel front sprocket cover. New battery, ready to ride. Stored in the living room, excellent condition.DBDFFD66-F614-478F-97BE-DAF33B202BF1.jpeg Don’t ride much had a neck injury 2 years ago. Anderson SC
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TT Racer
I haven’t posted on here in awhile due to limiting my use of social media. I own multiple bikes and the Thruxton and dirt bikes get rode the most. My bikes are stored in the living room. Some of you might remember me from way back or even rode with me. I didn’t do track days, pop wheelies, no burn outs, no jumps, on the Newchurch it was my comfortable bike. Mainly rode when I carried a passenger. Plenty of tread and life left on the tires. Never engine brake. This bike has never been dropped. I’ve been riding since I was 5 years old, I’m not a biker, I’m a motorcycle enthusiast. Years of abuse on my body especially from motorcycles. I didn’t list all the upgrades because I forgot but anyhow if interested I’ll go over all that plus if you want all the stock parts that were removed I’ll throw those in. My 1st upgrade was getting rid of the front foot controls. I couldn’t stand dragging my feet in corners and changed all the guts in the front forks to race tech. Every time I went to upgrade the exhaust it was out of stock so the stock muffs are drilled out inside. It’s not loud and doesn’t sound like a sewing machine. It’s a nice low Triumph sound. 3800 miles, clean title.