2004 T100 Carb problems

Hi I have aquired a 2004 T100 that has spent the last 4 years sitting in a damp garage. The whole bike was wet and all the chrome was rusting. After much elbow grease I have the bike looking nice and clean. But it is running poorly. I have stripped the carbs to find the jets had rusted (if that is possible on brass?). anyway I cleaned up the jets and thoroughly cleaned the carbs but it is not running right. I think I should change the jets but the pilot jet is not available from Triumph dealers. Infact the carb breakdown schematic does not even show the pilot jet or the main jet holder (both of which were rusty). Does anyone know what size jets are correct for the standard set up? Where can I get these items? What is the correct model name for the standard Keihin Carburettor for T100?


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Skellyman, thanks for your post. Way to go on acquiring your T100! Having run into this issue before on older air-cooled carbed Bonnies from 2001 - 2008, I feel your pain. From my experience, even though you disassembled the carbs, and "cleaned" them, they are still most likely the source of your problem based on how long the bike sat. You'll most likely need to do a more thorough cleaning. If you still see any residue on any internal parts, your cleaning wasn't enough. And, yes, all the jets will need to be replaced.

I have had the best luck with tearing down the entire carb, and then soaking them in an ultrasonic cleaner before reassembly (see following video example)

Also, here's an example of a cleaner: https://www.amazon.com/Industrial-L...pID=41HZ3gosGaL&preST=_SX342_QL70_&dpSrc=srch

One source of replacement parts is Sudco (sudco.com). You could try to look up the Keihin CVK 36 carb parts in their catalog, but I have had better luck just calling them and getting their help in determining the right jets and needles for my carbs (800-998-3529).

I also find it hard to believe that these carb parts are not available through a Triumph dealer. As far as I know, Triumph still provides all parts for all models since 2001. They may be temporarily out of stock, but I don't think any parts have been discontinued. If that was true, how would a dealer service these older models? That would be very bad for business. You could contact Triumph directly about that issue - see screenshot below.

Below is an exploded view diagram of your carb with the parts that I would replace highlighted.

In this process, you can also consider upgrading the performance of these Keihin CVK carbs by using aftermarket needles and jets. One kit that I have found to work well is the Dynojet Kit (see screenshot of dynojet.com). I also wrote a blog post about this on my blog site:
and a couple more related posts here:
Online parts sources that I have used also includes:
Basically, you are going to need to get these carbs and every tiny crevice completely clean and free of residue caused by the years of sitting. Every passageway needs to be sprayed with carb cleaner and forced open with compressed air, multiple times. Every rubber part that comes into contact with gas needs to be replaced. The floats heights need to be checked and adjusted if needed.

I hope this helps... and best of luck to you! Keep us posted on your progress.



Thanks Randy for a very detailed response, I will definitely follow your advice. I am now looking at purchasing an ultra-sonic cleaner. There are so many to choose from I think I will go for a slightly bigger one than yours, as it will come in very useful for other restoration jobs. Just a bit worried that many of the budget ones available in UK come from China and I am not sure if they will be of good quality.


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I didn't realize you were in the UK... sorry. The Triumph contact info I gave you was for the US. I checked the Triumph UK site and they don't seem to have the exact same kind of service. However, I would encourage you to contact Triumph UK directly if you cannot find a dealer who is able and willing to help you get the parts you need for a Triumph product! I cannot believe that Triumph wants dealers in their network who are not willing to serve their customer needs! That would be very, very bad for the brand.