2002 Triumph Bonneville - Sky Blue/Warm Silver


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FOR SALE: $5,950

This is a rare 2002 Sky Blue/Warm Silver Triumph Bonneville in great running condition, lots of cafe racer style upgrades and low miles! This is a perfect daily rider/commuter bike during the week and twisty country road weekend warrior. This bike is a blast to ride in the “driftless” area of Wisconsin!

This bike was originally purchased new from Motor Cycle Center in Villa Park, IL (one of the first Triumph dealers in the midwest). The original owner passed away and left it to a friend. The friend stored it for a number of years and rode it on private property, never fully licensing it for the road in Illinois. Between these two owners, they managed to put on 2400 miles and to lean it over on the right side producing some non-structural cosmetic damages such as scratches and a dent on the gas tank.

Of particular note is that 2002 was the only year Triumph produced this retro paint scheme and because of a factory fire, only a limited number were made. After the fire, the blue was changed to a darker, more modern shade.

I purchased it from the second owner in July of 2018 and brought it to Wisconsin. I have gone over the entire bike, fixed issues, cleaned it up (The chain and sprockets were really dirty), added new features and improved its handling and performance. The carbs were a gummed up mess! I have tested and ridden it myself for about an additional 1,000 miles, fine-tuning the carb jetting and balance in the process.

  • Air injection system (AIS) removed (increased performance)
  • Airbox modifications: baffle removed, snorkel removed, intake cover hole enlarged (improves intake air flow)
  • High-performance UNI air filter (improves intake air flow)
  • Norman Hyde Toga Exhausts (improves exhaust air flow)
  • Re-jetted the Keihin CVK carbs to compensate for increased air intake and exhaust = increased torque & HP, better gas mileage (110 Mains were increased to 135 Mains, 40 Pilots were increased to 42 Pilots).
  • Replaced cheap OEM Philips head carb screws with stainless steel Alan head cap screws
  • Mirror hole plugs
  • New Fork Gaiters
  • New NGK spark plugs (factory recommended)
  • Custom headlight brackets and instrument panel by Bonneville Brackets (superb crafsmanship)
  • Ignition relocated to right side (Motone bracket)
  • Custom 1.9″ mini tachometer
  • CRG Lanesplitter bar-end mirrors
  • New high-performance EBC brake pads
  • New custom bullet-style retro turn signals
  • New Lucas style retro taillight
  • All red/amber side reflectors removed for a cleaner, less cluttered look.
  • New battery
  • Replaced bent right side front foot peg bracket
  • High-performance, Mule swing arm bushings (improved cornering and handling)
  • Chrome seat dresser rail – Triumph accessory part A9738012
  • Customized/drilled front sprocket cover, rear brake lever, shift lever, and chain guard
  • New Castrol 10w40 synthetic oil and FRAM filter
  • Cleaned up loose, wrinkled, flaking original paint inside the gas tank fill spout area. Flushed out gas tank.
  • I have been able to pull most of the gas tank dent out, but there is still a noticeable blem up close. I have chosen not to rework and repaint the tank due to the original rare paint color. I recommend leaving it as is.
  • There are some scratches on the right side engine cover and sprocket cover.
  • Original chrome rims are in pretty good shape with some small areas of corrosion/rust which have been cleaned and brushed out with steel wool.
  • Original Bridgestone tires are still in good shape. No dry rot or cracking. Good tread still left.
  • The mechanical OEM speedometer registers about 5 MPH high, which is pretty common.
  • If I were to do anything more to improve this bike, it would be new tires and inner tubes.
  • The second thing I would do is install “progressive” front fork springs, and newer, better performance rear shocks.