2001 T100 Tank Badge


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Greetings All,
My first attempt at posting
Can anyone please advise options for replacing Tank badges on my 2001 T100
They're the screw on type
I’d like something on the lines of the Heritage type if they’d fit.
Many thanks in advance


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Unfortunately, the Heritage Tank Badges will not work on your year and model. The early Bonneville (790cc) tanks were 3.9 gallons. When Triumph increased the engines to 865cc, they also increased the tank to 4.2 gallons. If you can find a 4.2 gallon tank that also has the screw-on badges, then the Heritage badges will fit. For example, my 2008 Bonneville has the 4.2 gallon tank and the screw on badges, so I was able to replace the plastic badges with the heritage badges.



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Thanks for the quick reply.
What options are there for my year with the 3.9 tank26BE92E9-8409-45B1-9D6B-4F3144D69F16.jpeg
This is what I presently have fitted but they’re quite pitted.
Any info much appreciated