1981 Yamaha XS650S (Special) - Project Bike #5


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After completing the 1977 Yamaha XS650D project bike #4 for my friend Scott, I decided to purchase a similar bike from the same seller. It is a slightly newer 1981 Yamaha XS650S (Special) with under 9,000 miles on it.


I have torn it down pretty far, assessed things, and ordered parts, etc. So far, I have completed:
  • Mount new Avon Roadrider tires
  • Clean and paint the battery box
  • Assessed that I can probably make a spare 2008 Triumph Bonneville seat work on this bike because I hate the stock seat! I will recover the seat with a nonbranded cover.
  • Cleaned the frame, engine and dirty, grimy bits
  • New chain
  • New Euro-style handlebars
  • New Biltwell grips

The 1981 XS had solid-state ignition from the factory, so I will not have to make that conversion.


It's amazing how similar these are to the Triumph Bonneville's!


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I'm thinking about adding the second caliper and rotor to the front fork like these Specials had when they were sold in Europe. I will probably keep the original metallic silver paint, and either just buff it out, or possibly clear coat and then buff... leaving the imperfections and age spots there. I may bob the fenders a bit. I also plan to use modern flexible LED lighting as I did on one of my Bonneville project bikes. It creates a very clean, streamlined look! New Ikon rear shocks are also on the way.


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Well, the 1981 Yamaha XS650S project bike is now nearly completed and running! I've integrated a Triumph Bonneville seat and an LED rear taillight/signals product. The front turn signals are also LED. The new exhaust is a Delkavic all-stainless 2 into 1 system. The tank color is Triumph Bonneville Warm Silver from 2002.

I already have a buyer who will be riding this as his first bike this coming Spring 2021.


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Sal Paradise

Hey man, there is probably no one here anymore. I barely made it back in by finally remembering my ancient password. Its amazing how good that bike looks with the Triumph seat.