1975 Norton


I bought an old Norton last night, no title , no key, bad seat, no side panels,
fibreglass tank, it looks beat.

It may be the coolest thing I have ever seen.

I am not a great mechanic. I am not even a good mechanic. I think i am in over my head but i am damn excited.
Here is the craigslist photo, I will post more pics tonight :woot:


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The photo is a bit small, but it looks like left foot gear change and rear disc. If so it is the last one they did called a Mk3 1975 and a few into 76. The glass tank is from a older bike, Mk3's had steel. I love them have had a few and still have a 1963 750 Atlas.


I just love the old Triumphs and Nortons.......that will be bad ass when finished. Wish I had neverrrr sold my 1969 Commando.

Nick Morey

Very cool project. As for being mechanically challenged, I'm sure you'll learn as you go & the reward will be that much sweeter! :woot:


Oh boy, a terrible crime was committed, it will never recover without over capitalizing and that's a dumb thing to do. Nice starting point for a classic cafe racer.
man that thing is rough! Looks like a good start. First to go are those awful forks!

Congrats Mark. I'm looking forward to seeing this beast in person.
This is a nice MK3 done by GP. Not sure if he is on this forum but on a few including the "evil empire". Just planting seeds.



I'm riding 3 days and 2 nights with the Colorado Norton Club this weekend in NM...
These old farts really know thier Nortons and could lead you in the right direction...
Great web site w/ a wealth of info and great links!
Enjoy and yes, please ditch the front forks as sweat says!


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Cool bike, if the tank and bars are any indication, it might be the High Rider model ... The seats, the tanks and the handle bars were the only differences between the 3 different models in the last 3 years of production (if I recall correctly, the Interstate model might of had a different dash/ some extra dummy lights or something).

You will be suprised at how easy those things are to get running, if the motor is locked up just let me know, I'll tell you how I got mine freed up= it was easy.


hope you are going to run the numbers before you pump money into it only to find it will never be yours. sort of like a vw van stolen and then restored years later and now owned by state farm ins co. sold for $30,000.00 ( the restorer got zippo) but oh well good luck.