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  1. beemerrich

    TPUSA out of business - 904 pistons & upgrade group buy opportunity

    Hi All, I know some of you will want to pursue this...its a group buy for 904 pistons & gaskets: The pistons are the same spec/vendor who made the slugs for the TPUSA nikasil...
  2. beemerrich

    More BMWs that look like a motorcycle...

    Well, I posted before about the R9T and now BMW is at is again with 3 variations of the theme...the R9T race & pure, plus the scrambler. All will cost less jack than the original R9T...
  3. beemerrich

    Wanted: Main Wiring Harness for Carbed Thruxton

    My main wiring harness rubbed through and shorted out a bit ahead of the ignitor it looks like a new main harness is the best solution. Please be gentle. Both the coil and ignitor box went south on me when the harness failed, so I'm already sitting on an inflatable donut.
  4. beemerrich

    D&D 2-into-1

    Not even sure if this is still produced by D&D....TPUSA seems to be the only place listing them for sale: Either way, here's your chance to try on the HP king of all systems for our (air cooled) machines. I took this off because I'm running...
  5. beemerrich

    Not sure if this is retro, neo-retro, or how to label it...

    ...but I'm always glad to cheer on a startup motorcycle operation here in the States: The upside is that a Honda motor would slot right in after the china unit implodes...
  6. beemerrich

    Wanted: mag wheel bonnie or SE front fender

    Found one - thanks.
  7. beemerrich

    Wanted: rear master cylinder for scrambler

    as stated in title. thanks, --rich
  8. beemerrich

    WTB - Staintune muffler for Thruxton

    Seeking right side Staintune muffler for me Thrux. Amenable to buying a pair if'n the price is reasonable. Thanks!! --Rich
  9. beemerrich

    Oil in Frame

    All, I finally got my bike back together and now sport Rodburner's original oil-in-frame downtubes as part of the package. No unsightly oil cooler blocking the air path to the head. So the DNA from Steve's bike and his inspiration for an oil cooler-less ride lives on: Plumbing the lower...
  10. beemerrich

    Factory Bobber

    Forgive me if someone already posted this link, but its something I saw recently about a rumor of a factory bob job from Triumph: I'd like it better if'n it were aircooled, but wetter is better than nuthin'...
  11. beemerrich


    Just peeked at this article that landed in my hotmail....nice looking concept bike that I apparently missed out seeing when it debuted years back. If the production bike looks similar to the concept, I'll be looking to take my thruxton to a more casual riding position and run this thing hard...
  12. beemerrich

    WTB: NH rearsets for Scrambler

    Title sez it all...they look like this: Long shot, but want to see if I can get used before springing for new. Thanks, --Rich
  13. beemerrich

    building a better bolt...

    Finally, a jap cruising standard with the footpegs in the right location...
  14. beemerrich

    Complete Thruxton rear set options

    Hi all, I am looking at my options for replacement rear sets for my thruxton and want to replace the entire footpeg/levers/outrigger assembly with lighter and - preferably - a slightly more relaxed riding geometry. The only rear sets I've come across that replace the stock outriggers are...
  15. beemerrich

    WTB - EFI Thruxton Top Clamp

    Looking for a top tree (a.k.a. top clamp or upper yoke) for an EFI thruxton. I don't have the stock one from my '04, so not looking to trade... Thanks, --Rich
  16. beemerrich

    Mag Wheel Conversion Kit....

    ...for carbed bonnies, thruxtons, and scramblers. Includes: - Front & rear mag wheels with stock Metzlers...there's probably 5K miles left in the tires. The rear wheel includes the black cush drive/sprocket carrier. - F3 fork tubes with mag wheel bonnie lowers fitted...rebuilt with new...
  17. beemerrich

    Thruxton front rotor

    Nice. ~5,000 miles use. $75 to your door in CONUS. Offers considered. Regards, --Rich
  18. beemerrich

    WTB: Carrozzeria rear wheel

    Looking for a 12 spoke, black Carrozzeria rear wheel (old design) for application on a Thruxton. Carrozzeria only makes a 10 spoke rear these days and I'd like my wheels to match. Any leads that result in me finding a serviceable wheel will be hansomely rewarded with quality beer or single...