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    British Custom Sleepers - MAG Wheel Bonnie

    Location - Centreville, VA Price = $240 + shipping (willing to ship ANYWHERE. We can calculate shipping). Email Me Directly = [email protected] Selling a pair of mag wheel BC sleepers. I do not have the kickstand blocker but I do have the extra rubber grommet so that you can make your own...
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    FS - Bonneville T100 or SE - Trident Exhaust

    Selling my Trident Exhaust off my SE. This exhaust normally costs $500 shipped from Great Britain. The exhaust is here and yes that is my actual bike used in the photos Exhaust fits T100 and SE as it uses the stock exhaust bracket to...
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    British Customs Sleeper Exhaust - Mag Wheel

    Selling 2-month-old British Customs Sleepers exhausts that have about 1500 miles on them. Bought them a month ago but switching up the exhaust for and look of the bike and going more chopper. I can provide any pics you need. They are simple slip-on that connect at the back of the pedals...
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    Renntec Rack with quick release for saddlebags?

    I am interested in 2 different items but I'm sure they cannot work together with how they attach to the bike. I am wanting to pick up the quick connect for the saddle bags because I'm planning to use hard bags but I need quick because my garage doesn't have enough space for the car and bike...