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  1. MattRat

    Barn Find Questions

    well after a crappy couple of years I think i'm about to get back on a bike - friend of mine :worthy: found a mid-70s CB750F and I'm going through the process of having it shipped. I found some good info out there on the web, but had one question - How do I run a vin check (preferably as cheaply...
  2. MattRat

    Mods vs Rockers III - Connecticut

    Even though I don't live there anymore...I'm still glad to call the CT Rockers my boys - they always put on good events - this one starts & ends at Hartford Vespa. If I had the means, I'd be there.
  3. MattRat

    Keeping busy buring my job search

    Hi, guys..long time no see I am still bikeless (and again jobless) but I found something to keep me busy during my slow days: A friend dropped this off at my house. Pretty sure it is going to need a complete rebuild, but I'm slowly getting into the engine when I have time. (It's a...
  4. MattRat

    Miss Me?

    I'm employed again! 5 months off was nice for spending time with the family, but it was painful. much do I need to save to get back on a damn bike???
  5. MattRat

    Saying Goodbye

    :( Sold the bonnie on Saturday - driving it down to the buyer later this week. Pretty sad now that it's done - but it was time to simplify. Can I still hang with you psychos while I decide what the next bike will be?
  6. MattRat

    Winter Gloves?

    Debating between battery powered heated gloves and installing an outlet and using the plug - in kind. Battery powered is much cheaper, but have never used either one...opinions?
  7. MattRat

    Goodbye, Buell

    Harley just released quarterly report. Buried in the pages these little tidbits - "Harley-Davidson also unveiled major elements of its go-forward business strategy to drive growth through a single-minded focus of efforts and resources on the unique strengths of the Harley-Davidson brand...
  8. MattRat

    Too many cops...What's the deal?

    Apologies in advance to The Dude, but WTF is the deal with cops in New England? Or is it nationwide? I got my first speeding ticket in 20 years a couple of months ago - in my wife's car...and since then I have been really making an effort to drive and ride more ton-up runs...
  9. MattRat

    ATGATT? maybe not...;contentBody
  10. MattRat

    Handlebar comparison

    not sure what happenned to it but wasnt's there and "official handlebar thread"? anyway: Here's Stock, British Customs Low Cafe, and Norman Hyde M-Bars(top to bottom): and on the bike: Ace Bars Low Cafe Bars: M Bars: Stock Bars:
  11. MattRat

    Cross country bike shipping?

    So there's a guy who contacted me about my bonnie - interested in buying but he lives on the other side of the country. Anyone ever shipped a bike? I have no idea what it takes to crate up or how much it costs to ship... What am I looking at in terms of shipping cost and my time?
  12. MattRat

    Indicator Lights?

    So I noticed n my ride in this morning that my indicator light (turn signal indicator - the green one) has stopped working - I haven't ever looked at how these are set up but I assume it's a bulb, not wiring/short since all of the other lights seem to work. Easy fix? or should I just not bother? ;)
  13. MattRat

    Another Norton Thread the guys at Southbay have the Norton deal...and their website is up...but I have a serious question: Is this new Norton REALLY worth 3x the cost of a bonnie? Yes, it looks cool...Yes, I guess it fits in with "exclusive" bikes... But seriously, $18k? I'm scared to even think...
  14. MattRat

    CRGs on stock bars

    Over the past couple of weeks, I have been having worsening pain in my neck and lower back, So I decided to go back to stock bars on my bike to make for a more comfortable riding position. Problem: I have been using non-plugged bars and the internal adaptors for mounting CRG mirrors. I was...
  15. MattRat

    12k service

    I think I'm tackling this myself, but need a bit of advice... 1) Spark Plugs - is there any reason to buy ones other than the NGK plugs? any suggestions? 2) Brake pads - which ones? thinking EBC sintered pads unless someone has a better argument 3) looking for info on lubing the...
  16. MattRat

    ...and that is why I split lanes at stop lights.

    LAKE ZURICH, Ill., May 4 (UPI) -- A motorcyclist was killed by a car driven by an Illinois woman who allegedly was painting her nails at the time, police said. Anita Zaffke, of Lake Zurich, Ill., had stopped her motorcycle at a yellow light in the Chicago suburb Saturday when she was struck...
  17. MattRat

    Crappy day...could have been worse

    Riding home friday and got clipped by a pickup's mirror - right in my mirror. figure that one out? Trashed one CRG but no other damage...still cost me $100 but at least he wasn't another inch over or it would have been my bars and probably my hand! fucker didn't stop, either...I was at a...
  18. MattRat

    Specialty spares high pipes?

    Anyone tried these? Some dealer has them all over feebay - just wondering how they sound
  19. MattRat

    Cool Front end mod

    Just took a cold ride and ended up at my local stealer... They were bulding an 09 thrux with a Tiger front end - looks really frickin' cool
  20. MattRat

    New rear

    haven't gotten around to mounting it yet, but here is the new 140 next to the stock 130 (Bridgestone Battlax)
  21. MattRat

    F3 conversion?

    Someone (long time ago ) sent me a parts list for what is needed to do the f3 conversion - anyone have a link or care to post step-by-step instructions? not sure I'm going to do it but I always get bored in the winter...
  22. MattRat

    Tire change tools?

    So I need new tires soon - haven't pulled my own tires - Aside from a Jack, what tools do I need?
  23. MattRat

    Douche your Box!

    just a friendly reminder that your PM box has a limit...clean it out or nobody will be able to message you! Nobody Likes a Dirty Box. This has been a Public Service announcement from your friendly neighborhood Lord of Darkness.
  24. MattRat

    a little more darkness

    father's day is fun...sitting out back watching my son play, I looked at my bike and found a couple of rust spots on the screws in the handlebar clamps... so as I always say, "Black is Beautiful" edit - focus is crap, but I blacked the screw heads and I think it looks pretty good...