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  1. ttbonnie

    2008 Bonneville 865cc to Custom Bonneville 1100cc

    Auto correct from Dyno - to you know lol didn’t catch it.
  2. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    I picked up a 2007 Speedmaster mastercykinder: new through B.B.- Drastic difference on my 6 pot caliper campairsd to stock ! For the money can’t beat it- if i redo the controls i kill upgrade them for sure
  3. ttbonnie

    2008 Bonneville 865cc to Custom Bonneville 1100cc

    Thanks! Can’t wait- what’s the average cost, of dyno on a carbureted bike? Edited the auto spell
  4. ttbonnie

    2008 Bonneville 865cc to Custom Bonneville 1100cc

    Impressive run. I will be putting my bike on a dyno within a couple of weeks
  5. ttbonnie

    WTB steering stabilizer Hinckley Bonneville

    That sucks, hope he’s ok. there are a few cheap/ value brands out there, some cheap ones that are not cheap. thinking on just pulling the trigger on a NH, hoping to find one used ?.
  6. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    well we shall see how it goes ?.
  7. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    Triumph has really stepped up its game on the controls in later years, allows for a lot customization if need be
  8. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    That’s a nice set up! Are those thruxton controls?? I was contemplating a switch if possible. I’m running a free float EBC , with a 6 pot pretech - and definitely need more fluid,
  9. ttbonnie

    WTB steering stabilizer Hinckley Bonneville

    Looking for a stabilizer for a 2007 Bonneville -
  10. ttbonnie

    Any one in AZ???

    Im in the north valley, anyone else around?
  11. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    One more question on fitment - would my control cluster mount right to the new master? Or did you need to replace entire control ?
  12. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    Thank you rbirkey! Do you feel you should have gone larger?
  13. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    I upgraded my front caliper to a pretexh six pot- factory Bonneville (2007) master cylinder has an 11mm bore and doesn’t push enough fluid, imo, to the break. So i would like to replace it with a Speedmaster Master cylinder (which has a 13mm bore- i am under the impression, via ordering...
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    Welcome !! Enjoy the madness.
  15. ttbonnie

    Hello again

    Cheers ladies and gents -been a member since 2008 ish, on again off again life gets in the way. About to do more work on my gal, excel wheels upgrade, master cylinder upgrade and a few items cleaned up. And finally a dyno tune since my engine overhaul. Miss the site. Hope all is well. tt..
  16. ttbonnie

    New Member here from MA

    Welcome ! Love the side car!! Cheers
  17. ttbonnie

    A New Steed (And a few questions..)

    50/50 a pinched line is a restricted line, however chutney says his is similar, there is nothing you would do as far as maintenance is concerned that would have you taking those off, or twisting them if you did take them off. I would ask a triumph shop if they can straighten them out
  18. ttbonnie

    A New Steed (And a few questions..)

    Welcome to the madness! The pipes are D&D's the counter sprocket washer is supposed to be bent it acts as a retainer as the final drive shaft is grooved. your oil line should definitely not look like that- it looks like it should be able rotate At the joint between the banjo and the crimped...
  19. ttbonnie

    How old and how many years have you been riding?

    42 yo and 24 years in the saddle.
  20. ttbonnie

    Post accident Bike Rebuild...

    sorry ive been super busy, moved accross the country. so to up date: i have about 700 miles on her since the rebuild- OMG is she fast- haven't topped out yet, first time I've felt speed wobbles/ lightness in the front end over the ton, probably because there is so much more top end to go!!, so...
  21. ttbonnie

    Bonnie being a bitch

    sorry to hear about the divorce CYNR - never easy, but better roads ahead. here is some good info- it has links to testing and diagnostic flow charts for the electrical system, specifically the rectifier...
  22. ttbonnie

    BC Sleepers exhaust

    you will not be disappointed with them- classic styling classic sound
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    New Old Member

    welcome back !!! cheers