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  1. ttbonnie

    WTB steering stabilizer Hinckley Bonneville

    Looking for a stabilizer for a 2007 Bonneville -
  2. ttbonnie

    Any one in AZ???

    Im in the north valley, anyone else around?
  3. ttbonnie

    07-09 Speedmaster questions

    I upgraded my front caliper to a pretexh six pot- factory Bonneville (2007) master cylinder has an 11mm bore and doesn’t push enough fluid, imo, to the break. So i would like to replace it with a Speedmaster Master cylinder (which has a 13mm bore- i am under the impression, via ordering...
  4. ttbonnie

    Hello again

    Cheers ladies and gents -been a member since 2008 ish, on again off again life gets in the way. About to do more work on my gal, excel wheels upgrade, master cylinder upgrade and a few items cleaned up. And finally a dyno tune since my engine overhaul. Miss the site. Hope all is well. tt..
  5. ttbonnie

    Stock 07 Front break caliper - rotor cintered pads

    07 front break caliper for sale -12k miles on it Stock rotor and new cintered pads . Make reasonable offer
  6. ttbonnie

    WTB bonneville rear reflector

    need a replacement rear fender reflector -
  7. ttbonnie

    clutch instal hack!! myth busted!!!

    So i've upgraded to a barnet clutch and through the instal i have found a couple of tips that can ease the process. there are many videos and tutorials out there, so i will keep it short. 1. cordless driver/ impact gun: removes and replaces center nut without issue- in nano seconds...
  8. ttbonnie

    Rear break reservoir

    Anyone attempt to retrofit a Daytona 675 reservoir on their bonneville ? Found an oem replacement by triumph - looked sexy and better than plastic
  9. ttbonnie

    2007 boneville

    Stock rear shocks - make offer Stock carbs with K&N pods- thumb adjustable mixture knobs Drilled vacuum hole - make offer going on eBay as well more to follow
  10. ttbonnie

    Motor rebuild Help!!!

    hello ladies and gents- so this weekend i am putting my motor back together- (took her apart several months ago) when i did so i placed EVERY part from EVERY component together, and in their own labeled zip lock bags- going through the manual- and via bike bandit exploded views- how...
  11. ttbonnie

    Where is everybody ?

    Is it me or he weather ? There just doesn't seem to be as many people on here anymore . It is spring time so rather than writing about and wishing you could ride, I would imagine they're off riding. Any one else ?
  12. ttbonnie

    Post accident Bike Rebuild...

    So I am starting a new thread to show all that is going to be done, and maybe a couple of " HOW I DO" lol videos or chronological pictures - the head is off, not hard to do , but boy were the head nuts on there!!! it is amazing to see the build up of carbon on the cylinder head!!! insane...
  13. ttbonnie

    Major Modification / Rebuild Dilemma!!!

    Hello ladies and gents, would like a little help please. I have a bonneville that recently had ben in an accident and is now going to be rebuilt. my dilemma is this- It is a bonneville, and I bought it for that reason- I love the lines it has. I recently have seen the BC Sleepers and love...
  14. ttbonnie

    Pretech calipers?

    any one running pretech 6 pot calipers on their bonneville, thrux, scram?? any word on them? they seem legit and made in England
  15. ttbonnie

    t100 parts needed

    Looking to pick up: rear fender Gas tank Front fender Brake peddle Brake lever Brake resivior cap OEM Speedo Tank badges Foot pegs Engine Side cover clutch and stator Preferably in black Looking for BC sleepers or NH togas Long story short damage on right side of bike , if you have items...
  16. ttbonnie


    Any one looking to sell a set?
  17. ttbonnie


    Sorry I haven't contributed in a while- So I laid my bike down in 09- after a few years I fully restore her ( last year to be precise - today (it was perfect) 60+ degrees. sunny, no wind- cruising like a gentleman, courteous and doing the speed limit, to get BBQ pork at a local place thats...
  18. ttbonnie

    Engine Mods proposal..

    To some extent varying questions on this have been done to death. with only a few people doing these mods. (that may tell me something) I am planning / wanting to pull the last bit of horses out of my 865. So with that I am looking at TPUSA 865 kit CR 35mm Carbs Head work and remap a...
  19. ttbonnie

    valve shim issues

    Hello laddies and gents- I just finished my valve job- 12K milie service- put everything back together checked clearances, checked timing marks- (side note: bike has sat apart for several weeks/ 2007 bonneville black// additionaly i took both cams off at same time) put bike back together...
  20. ttbonnie

    Hello again

    Good morning Ladies and Gents, Hope all has been well. It's been a very long time since I've been on, and I'm glad to be back. I would like to thank everyone in the past for advise help and support on all things triumph and curve balls of life. I've done some cosmetics to my bonneville and...