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    Shark Helmet

    Shark helmet used 1/2 dozen times. Size large, shipped lower 48 for $150.00 Thanks, LMT
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    Cleaning out the garage

    Hello girls and guys..... I have hundreds of parts in my garage. Before you buy retail or start searching email me with your part needs. [email protected] Give away prices ;-))) LMT
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    Procom PE-C MTBS-A New $269.00 Your price $150.00 shipped to lower 48 LMT email [email protected]
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    Garage sale

    All prices include shipping to lower 48 paypal only Bonneville Performance alu headers $275.00 2 to 2 mufflers same side exhaust system $275.00 drive gear covers $50.00 each clutch cover needs PC $80.00 value cover needs PC $60.00 brat seat brown and black cowhide $160.00 custom metal side...
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    Another Triumph sighting

    Estee Lauder commercial. LMT
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    Hi there.....hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with family and friends. LMT
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    Broke my golden rule

    So I broke my own golden rule. CATSSF..."Check all the simple shit first". 5 weeks ago my bike became very hard to start. Eventually she would start only to back fire horribly out the carbs. $20.00 for a Mikuni HSR42 carb manual. Watched a couple of hors of "how to's" on youtube and sites...
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    Triumph sighting

    My daughters took me to a movie yesterday. Jurassic World....Triumph Scrambler ride by lead man..... LMT
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    Exhaust and Viper Red ride

    A lot of what I have done with my 2003 T100 over the years has evolved from the "hands on" mistakes made learning process. I like my Arrow 2 to 1 high exhaust system but I have felt my mid range power is poor. So off with that system and on with the Gately 2 to 1... 1.5 to 1.75 inch aluminum...
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    Harbor Freight

    HF has motorcycle lifts for $329.00…….has it ever been lower than that ???? LMT
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    Bike EXIF Scram

    Go to BIKEEXIF have a look at the cool T100 scram….. LMT
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    RIP Maverick

    RIP Maverick……enjoyed your show's and movies over the years. LMT
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    Lots of bits, parts and pieces…..

    I have to cull out a "lot" of parts and clean out part of the garage. The good stuff will be photographed and put up on NBR. Mean while if you need something please ask…its just an email….if its small you can have it for the postage….something bigger we can agree on a lower than fair price. This...
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    Ride report, discovering a black hole

    My wife and daughters left for my wife's sisters house in Fremont (Bay Area) Wednesday noon. No traffic its a 3.5 hr run from Cambria. I worked until six went home and checked the Bonne out, tires/air, chain, gas, trickle charger on. When I ride these days I wear my heavy boots, draggin jeans...
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    Happy Thanksgiving 2014

    Hello to all……Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This is my favorite holiday PLUS I get to wake at dawn tomorrow, fire up the Bonne and have a great 3.5 hour ride north to the bay area. Everyone have a great day with family and friends tomorrow. LMT
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    Jet Bike

    Google "Francois Gissy's Jet Bike"….207mph its a trip ;-)))) LMT
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    I am invisible

    Sitting at the light on HWY One turning left into town. Bike in neutral, feet flat arms folded and bump I get pushed a foot forward. I turn around and this dumb bitch is staring at me through her SUV windshield. So I put the bike on the stand and walk up to her window. She says OMG I didn't see...
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    Wake up people need some help

    Hey ….We know this is a great site for those of us that like to hang out in a comfortable place where we don't have dip s'ts telling us what to do ;-))) We need some new faces though. I would greatly appreciate it if you all would contact one Triumph rider that you know and ask them to register...
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    Broken spokes and dirty bikes

    So yesterday I had the bike up on the rear stand. I changed the oil and put on a new filter. I keep the bike clean so I was washing down the underside of the bike when I noticed two broken spokes on the rear rim. Looks like they have been broken for quite awhile. So looks like a good excuse to...
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    Movie Triumph Sighting

    So my daughters are watching the latest Tom Cruise SCIFI movie and I am in the kitchen working on dinner. One daughter says "hey dad a motorcycle" and there was Tom Cruise riding what looked liked :sport bike:a Triumph Thruxton. LMT
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    New engine very happy

    Can't say enough about my Bonneville Performance/Gately engine. It has been a lot of fun bolting the engine on, firing up immediately and running so smoothly over the last 500 miles. Next is to mess with some of the mufflers I have because it feels like I am not getting enough "flow through"...
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    Fly screen project

    I need a fly screen that is bigger than the stock one but not to big. The summer screen is way to big and looks funky for me. So here is a used summer screen that I am about to modify slowly until I get exactly what I want. Then I will prime and paint. More soon……. LMT
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    Advice and ideas

    When I get a littleeee ahead I would like to take an older Triumph sport bike and strip the fairings off, change the tank etc. and make it into a cafe racer. Any ideas model year etc….. Thx LMT
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    Shark Helmet Schott Jacket

    Getting "long in the tooth" as my ancestors would say. I find for short rides with a full face hot sometimes. So I had a credit and picked up a Shark Raw for a try. I like the ventilation and the goggles. Its noisy compared to a full face and I need ear plugs. Picked up a used Schott because...