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  1. kdharri

    Experienced insight needed

    The other way to adjust the throttle response is to change the cam in the throttle sleeve to something that ramps up more quickly. This allows the rpm to come on quicker to overcome the difference in horsepower (FZ-09 roughly 105hp vs 865cc Bonny at 70hp-ish), which is really what you are...
  2. kdharri

    Windshield Options for '17 T120

    So, finally posting a pic of installed Parabellum windshield on my T120 Blk. This is the 20" size.
  3. kdharri

    Bike cutting out intermittently..

    That sounds like exactly where you'd find that kind of fault. Also maybe check/replace the main fuse? Did anything recently get replaced or upgraded? Recheck those connections. Is it possible a wire got pinched during a routine procedure, like pulling off the tank? Just throwing out remote...
  4. kdharri

    Lights out

    At least I still had the LED-DRL smile working, along with the Motolight LED's on the calipers.
  5. kdharri

    Lights out

    I have managed to burn out a main headlight at 5,500 mi. I think I've done a pretty good job of dodging California's winter crop of mega-potholes, so a burnout in less than a year was a surprise. Anybody else have that happen? Also, I want to put out a contract on the guy that designed the...
  6. kdharri

    D9 Sharkey V1 Headlight Brackets

    VDO = instrument mfg.
  7. kdharri

    T100 2017 with passenger

    I say go for it. I weigh a bubba-like 122kg and ride a T120; but I'm also coming down from heavy cruisers. You may need some seat or shock upgrades for the long haul, but you'd likely tinker once you got it anyway....
  8. kdharri

    Electrical issue

    Check kickstand cutoff switch...?
  9. kdharri

    Recommendations on new tires...

    I've run Avon's on all my bikes for the last 10 years, Cobras & 3D-XM ST Rain tires,but not this model. I like the round profile and am considering them for my T120 once the mediocre Pirellis are done
  10. kdharri

    Recommendations on new tires...

    Avon Trail Riders
  11. kdharri

    New Horn off a Tank

    I always found the road wheel howl on a Leopard removed the need for a horn, glad you found a good use. 73rd Armor '76-'79 - Germany
  12. kdharri

    Riding Coast to Coast in June

    Sounds like a good trip planned. I know I sound like a kvetchy old Jewish mother giving advice, but I applaud your efforts. My touring experience is all Western states, I'm based on SF Bay and have never ridden much east of Kansas/Nebraska (one big corn field, far as I can tell...). Try to...
  13. kdharri

    new-b to the forum and triumph

    Welcome to the scrum, dive on in the water's great...
  14. kdharri

    Riding Coast to Coast in June

    Be sure to pack a rainsuit, unless you're already an Aerostitch guy. Mesh too, as you will experience all possible weather conditions. Setup a check-in system with someone who has a rough idea about your route, Text or EM daily.(my personal system is to text the wife at rest or fuel stops)...
  15. kdharri

    Dealer Backlash!

    Hi, my name's Kevin and I am a Mechanical Incompetent. It's been 35 days since I touched a tool more complex than a spoon... Sad but true, I do not come from a tool-wielding people. If I touch tools, it is either a bad idea or a desperate situation...usually both.... While I am new to Triumph...
  16. kdharri

    New to Bonneville and Triumph

    George, I completely understand your distaste for this type of screen, but the question was not aesthetics, but rather distance touring capability. I'm currently running a National Cycle F-16 touring screen; it shapes the air well enough for a 100-150 mi day ride, but I do not consider it a 500...
  17. kdharri

    New to Bonneville and Triumph

    Another member suggested MadStad for my T120, but they didn't have a mount for my specific application, so I suggest a direct contact for your model. I really like the MadStad mounts, but the T120 bar clamps are at the wrong angle for it to work. I think the 214 may be able to use their...
  18. kdharri

    Greetings from Northern Cali

    Greetings from Alameda!
  19. kdharri

    Hot hands equal sticky throttle?

    I'm seeing chatter about a possible recall to remedy sticky throttle action after ?long? use of the stock heated grips on the T120s. I have personally had no issues, but I only use low temp and frequently turn it off to cool my hands. I actually wish there was a 1/2-of-low temp setting, but I'm...
  20. kdharri

    Dealer Backlash!

    Below is a notice from an SF Bay Area dealer who is dropping Triumph, best we all check in with our local dealers to see who's staying at the party.... It is with great sadness we announce that CalMoto will no longer be a Triumph Motorcycle dealer. Effective January 24th, Triumph Motorcycles...
  21. kdharri

    Hello from the snowy Sierra

    I have a buddy living nearby in Alta/Dutch Flat, we were roomies at Feather River CC in Quincy, in 1970, very familiar with the neighborhood...
  22. kdharri

    Hello from the snowy Sierra

    Greyrider, Go new or at least EFI! Especially if you're living up the hill above the snow line. You would notice a distinct lack of response on a carb bike tuned on the Sacto valley floor, up at Donner's elevation, vs. an EFI edition. Check out Elk Grove Powersports or Euro Cycle in Reno
  23. kdharri

    New Member from Los Angeles

    Greetings from soggy NorCal! (Alameda)
  24. kdharri

    After market exhausts

    I got the V&H/Triumph peashooters at purchase, removed the soldered tab, then extracted the 3 inch db killers. Tone is very good and really growls after about 3500 rpm