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  1. kdharri

    Lights out

    I have managed to burn out a main headlight at 5,500 mi. I think I've done a pretty good job of dodging California's winter crop of mega-potholes, so a burnout in less than a year was a surprise. Anybody else have that happen? Also, I want to put out a contract on the guy that designed the...
  2. kdharri

    Hot hands equal sticky throttle?

    I'm seeing chatter about a possible recall to remedy sticky throttle action after ?long? use of the stock heated grips on the T120s. I have personally had no issues, but I only use low temp and frequently turn it off to cool my hands. I actually wish there was a 1/2-of-low temp setting, but I'm...
  3. kdharri

    Dealer Backlash!

    Below is a notice from an SF Bay Area dealer who is dropping Triumph, best we all check in with our local dealers to see who's staying at the party.... It is with great sadness we announce that CalMoto will no longer be a Triumph Motorcycle dealer. Effective January 24th, Triumph Motorcycles...
  4. kdharri

    Windshield Options for '17 T120

    I throw out this call for T120 *windshields*, not flyscreens or pseudo fairings. The primary issue seems to be the headlight bracket covering the upper forks where most outfits intend you place brackets. Handlebar mounts are limited by the smallish handlebars, or at least small open area for...
  5. kdharri

    Let there be Motolight!

    I'm a big fan of driving lights in general and while I love the specs on the massively brilliant Clearwater lights for adventure bikes, the Bonny requires something more compact. I've run Motolights on my Yamaha Warrior for over 10 years and the company now offers a direct caliper-mount for the...
  6. kdharri

    Recovering yamaha addict

    My '17 T-120 Blk & I have just joined this forum after the succession of heavyweight Yam/Star cruisers (1100cc, 1300cc, 1700cc, 1900cc) I've ridden for the last 15 years. It was time to reduce the weight of my small fleet and 500lb beats the 700-900lb baggers I've been pushing around. Mostly...