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    Shark Helmet

    New price $120.00 Thanks for looking LMT
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    long time viewer, first time poster, kinda..

    Welcome...enjoy the folks and the site. LMT
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    Shark Helmet

    Shark helmet used 1/2 dozen times. Size large, shipped lower 48 for $150.00 Thanks, LMT
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    Official Thruxton Picture Thread

    innominate.....nice shiny new ride...congrats LMT
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    Garage sale

    Welded a cross over section to a stock header to get both on the rt side of the bike. Welded a flange to one muffler and bolted them together. The mufflers are either predators or dominators. LMT
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    Garage sale

    I made it.....let me see if I can find a picture... LMT
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    advice needed

    $2500.00 is a great price. These bikes are rock solid and easy to work on. LMT
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    Cleaning out the garage

    no rims sorry..... LMT
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    Cleaning out the garage

    sorry no m bars LMT
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    Cleaning out the garage

    Hmmmmm I think I have m bars will check garage after work LMT
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    Cleaning out the garage

    Hello girls and guys..... I have hundreds of parts in my garage. Before you buy retail or start searching email me with your part needs. [email protected] Give away prices ;-))) LMT
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    Procom PE-C MTBS-A New $269.00 Your price $150.00 shipped to lower 48 LMT email [email protected]
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    Welcome...enjoy the Bonne. LMT
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    Garage sale

    All prices include shipping to lower 48 paypal only Bonneville Performance alu headers $275.00 2 to 2 mufflers same side exhaust system $275.00 drive gear covers $50.00 each clutch cover needs PC $80.00 value cover needs PC $60.00 brat seat brown and black cowhide $160.00 custom metal side...
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    For Sale: Gringo Helmet - LE Tracker Vintage White & Black

    I have always liked the "Gringo" look. It is unique. Like the smoked shield. LMT
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    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Motley I agree with you, bikes look good. I loved my stain tunes and wish I had em. LMT
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    2013 T100 tank for sale (EFI)

    That is a very good price. Someone grad it... LMT
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    Pre wired Mini Speedo and Bracket

    Good on ya LMT
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    Another Triumph sighting

    2 more.....inside front cover June 2015 Architectural Digest George Clooney on a Triumph.....and Amazon commercial Tri with sidecar Alec Baldwin... LMT
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    Windscreen for my EFI T100

    Thx for pic LMT
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    Makeshift "dashboard"

    I have Bill Gates billet oil coolers on my T100. It is an external Rodburner concept. I also have a temp gauge. When I have been caught in traffic or really hot situation I have noticed that as soon as I break clear and get up to speed again that my temp drops right away. My two cents.... LMT
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    Another Triumph sighting

    Geico commercial...... LMT Should we delete the Kardashian...:eeek: