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  1. rbirkey

    Thruxton 900 as first bike?

    Those are solid bikes and if you don't buy it, I will!
  2. rbirkey

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Thanks for sharing your photos!
  3. rbirkey

    Steering lock key

    I just went through this on a 2004 Bonneville project bike. There is no way to know what key your lock needs unless you have the key code that came with the bike. If that and the key is lost, you will need to replace the lock and key. I purchased replacement lock from my local Triumph dealer and...
  4. rbirkey

    Senior rider from So.Cal

    Very nice... good for you! And, welcome!
  5. rbirkey

    865 best performance mods

    Dan, I've seen this question many times from new Bonneville owners and riders. And, I asked it myself in 2008 after purchasing my own Bonneville. Based on everything I've learned over the last 11 years, here is my prioritized list as to prioritized things that will give you the most bang for...
  6. rbirkey

    T100 tires ?

    I have always preferred the original British tire brands such as Dunlop and Avon. The Avon Roadriders are excellent.
  7. rbirkey

    Triumph Bonneville 2009 SE Clutch Slipping

    You most likely bent the shifter shaft which is a common problem when dropping a Bonneville on the left side. It means removing the left side cover, replacing that shift shaft and its seals, and putting everything back together. While apart, I would recommend changing the clutch plates and...
  8. rbirkey

    Pros and cons of 2012 Triumph Bonneville SE

    I have a friend with a 2013 SE that he loves. It's basically the same as the other Bonneville's of the same age with minor changes... mag wheels, slightly lower seat height, minor styling. Here are a few articles he wrote about his SE on my blog...
  9. rbirkey

    New-to-me Big Bore 904 (issues?)

    Danther... thanks for your post. I don't have any direct experience with this kit and your question. However, I do have experience in converting my 2008 Bonneville 865 to an 1100cc engine using Bonneville Performance. Bill Gately is an expert on these issues and worked with Wiseco in developing...
  10. rbirkey

    British Custom Sleepers - MAG Wheel Bonnie

    I have one of the BC brackets to hold that rubber bumper if anyone wants it. It bolts to the frame. I'll send it for the price of shipping.
  11. rbirkey

    will a Scrambler exhaust fit a Bonneville

    I believe the dimensions and placement of the header outlets and bolt/studs are the same on all the air-cooled engines. They have been on all the Bonneville platform models I've ever worked on so far.
  12. rbirkey

    will a Scrambler exhaust fit a Bonneville

    I believe the external head physical dimensions and connections for headers are the same... but internally there are differences.
  13. rbirkey

    2007 865 bonneville carby heating

    I believe you can safely disconnect those, yes. I've run carbed Bonneville's up north here without those plugged in and it works fine.
  14. rbirkey

    will a Scrambler exhaust fit a Bonneville

    There are a number of mounts/parts that go with the Scrambler exhausts pipes/system... you'll need all of that.
  15. rbirkey

    Parting Out 2007 Speedmaster

    What happened to it? Why not just sell the whole thing?
  16. rbirkey

    Senior rider from So.Cal

    Welcome Wire-Wheels from SoCal! I like them for the same reasons, plus I prefer the air-cooled, carbed models for simplicity and easier maintenance!
  17. rbirkey

    New Bonneville owner from TX

    Triumpup, thanks for the added details. The BC reverse megaphone mufflers you removed are most likely called "Predators" and they are open flow exhausts that require re-jetting of the carbs. If that was in fact done, and your new Dunstalls are more restrictive, you may experience a loss of power...
  18. rbirkey

    New Bonneville owner from TX

    Can you be more specific as to which Dunstall mufflers you ordered? If they are more free-flow than stock mufflers, you may need to re-jet the carbs anyway to get any benefit and/or make it run well. Spoked wheels require inner tubes because they are not air-tight. I have been running spoked...
  19. rbirkey

    Tach Lights Out

    NewBonneville carries LED instrument replacement kits for Bonneville / Thruxton / America / Speedmaster.
  20. rbirkey

    T100 tire/tyre recommendations

    I've been using Dunlop Roadsmart's and Avon Roadrider's ever since my original 2008 Bonneville Metzeler's wore out. Either of them has been far better than the Metzeler's. I also had a good experience with the Pirelli Demon.
  21. rbirkey

    New Bonneville owner from TX

    Triumphup, OK, thanks for the info. Some of my favorite resources for customizing and modifying my Bonneville's are: They all offer some LED lighting options, 525 sprockets and chains. On the chain issue, you could consider going with a...
  22. rbirkey

    New Bonneville owner from TX

    Welcome Triumphup! I always love to hear of new Bonneville owners who obtain the earlier, air-cooled, carbureted versions! I myself own and ride a custom 2008 Bonneville Black, and have three project bikes going up for sale this spring: 2002 Bonneville, 2006 Scrambler and a 2004 Bonneville. You...
  23. rbirkey

    WTB: black grab rail for 2015 T100

    I purchased some dresser bars and a skid plate from Denverdave! Here are the results on my 2004 Bonneville Project Bike #3. You can follow my progress here:
  24. rbirkey

    New Bonneville owner from TX

    ILeftNJ - Congrats on your purchase! I would love to see some photos of your Special Edition Bonnie when you get a chance. Also, ILeftIL !!!!