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  1. Wire-Wheels

    2007 865 bonneville carby heating

    If I remember correctly, the carb heaters come on if the ambient temp is below 40°f. They are just for cold weather startup. ...J.D.
  2. Wire-Wheels

    Yellow lights

    I have used a yellow bulb for years. I use a Ford Motorcraft # 48885. It is a direct H-4 60/55 replacement. Color is good and good light ouput. About $20 on Ebay. ...J.D.
  3. Wire-Wheels

    Workin on em or ridin em

    I don't get in to the heavy repairs much anymore. I do not start those kind of projects because I never know if I will have the energy or a healthy spell long enough to finish. I do some special parts (have a lathe, drill press, etc.) for my bikes. I do the maintenance and lesser repairs. Im 73...
  4. Wire-Wheels

    A sweet engine-mounted oil pressure gauge kit

    Here is my solution. This one is on a Legend but the oil fitting is cheap and could be used on others. ...J.D.
  5. Wire-Wheels

    How old and how many years have you been riding?

    I am 73. I re-upped my motorcycle license last year. I have been riding off and on since about 1970. My first bike was a 1969 Sears 124cc. ...J.D.
  6. Wire-Wheels

    Senior rider from So.Cal

    I've got the one air-cooled and 2 old 900 triple water pumpers. All carburetted. ...J.D.
  7. Wire-Wheels

    Senior rider from So.Cal

    Just joined the site. I am a retired Operating Engineer in So. California. I ride 3 older Hinckley Triumphs. My Bonnie is a 2002 America. I like older bikes because I can buy them inexpensively and it leaves more money to fix them the way you want them. ...J.D.