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  1. beemerrich

    New Horn off a Tank

    A 24 volt horn that draws, for instance, 2 amps in order to hoot is 24 x 2 = 48 watts of power draw. The power requirement is what you need to be wary of. So now hook it to a 12 volt source and it will draw 48 watts / 12 volts = 4 amps. The supply wiring to the bike isn't the big issue, but...
  2. beemerrich

    Riding Coast to Coast in June

    What is involved in the 6K service? I never did anything special at 6K, with the valve clearance check getting done at a bit before the recommended 12K mark. If there isn't anything critical in the service, I'd skip it and evaluate the rubber for wear. If anything, you could always fit a...
  3. beemerrich

    New Horn off a Tank

    At 12 volts, it will draw twice the amperage...if the ampacity of the wire isn't up to task, it will work for a split second and then turn into a toaster coil. Conversely, you could get a 12/24 volt transformer and not only have a very loud horn, but a super bright headlight. Well worth adding...
  4. beemerrich

    T100 speedometer dial face repair

    Probably much cheaper to buy used than to get it refaced...unless you can DIY. Not sure how these guys do it, but they removed/reinstalled the bezel from an old /5 bmw speedo I had and redid the face beautifully: Another option w/ good reviews (at least from the...
  5. beemerrich

    TPUSA out of business - 904 pistons & upgrade group buy opportunity

    Hi All, I know some of you will want to pursue this...its a group buy for 904 pistons & gaskets: The pistons are the same spec/vendor who made the slugs for the TPUSA nikasil...
  6. beemerrich

    Exhaust Question

    Scott, Some of the basic changes to the airbox and exhaust will really start to wake up your bike...enough to feel it from the saddle and put a smile on your face. Not sure how you ride, but I found the early bike's rev limiter setting of 7,200 rpms to be a real damper on the fun, ending the...
  7. beemerrich

    2011 Bonneville?

    Nothing really problematic with these bikes....just the normal stuff when buying any bike. Brake pad wear/fluid colour, fuel tank corrosion, motor/clutch/transmission operation, oil level/cleanliness, etc. For EFI, I like the '09-'11 models in that they aren't MOSFET &, as such, are a bit...
  8. beemerrich

    New to Bonneville and Triumph

    Naked baby. But I ride a carbed Thruxton, so I'm a glutton for punishment. Welcome aboard. Cheers, --Rich
  9. beemerrich

    Green Clutch Springs

    I did the same upgrade - though adjusting the clutch right has a lot to do with preventing the stock springs from slipping. Too much freeplay seems to be necessary with the stockers. I did gold first, which were fine up to 76 rwhp anyway, but then went green when I pulled the clutch cover to add...
  10. beemerrich

    Dealer Backlash!

    Same thing happened when Harley went from small, family-owned shops to boutiques. If Triumph is demanding the same sort of dealership "upgrades", then all I can say is 'yuck'...
  11. beemerrich

    790 ECU upgrade?

    You have some choices. 1) reprogram your stock CDI to raise the limiter to a higher rpm/change the advance curve to match. Mike at Triumph Twin Power (TTP) in England is the go to guy for that. 2) buy a replacement ignitor from Mike that has the programming already incorporated 3) Buy a procom...
  12. beemerrich

    Thruxton Headlamp bracket on Bonneville

    The thruxton headlight mounts will work fine as long as you go with the '09 & up mounts for the EFI thruxton....earlier versions of the thruxtons (i.e. carbed bikes) were equipped with clip ons and the headlight tubes are too short to fit the space between the triple clamps on your machine.
  13. beemerrich

    Clear turn signal lenses for T100

    Is a 2016 T100 air cooled or liquid cooled? If the former, the 2013 lens will fit without issue; if the latter, then it BTSOOM whether it will fit or not.
  14. beemerrich

    newbie but i cant find good enough info on years

    All carbed bikes are no worries about that preference. Pre-'08 has the slimline fuel tanks...they're a bit more svelte/attractive to my eye, but that is something for you to decide. Of those machines, the '07 machines (& newer) have both the 865 motor and the reinforced case...
  15. beemerrich

    Exhaust Question

    I believe all the cans are the same across the entire range for T100s...which is the same as the 2001-2008 standard Bonneville as well. The Bonnies changed to the mag wheel version in 2009, but the T100 has soldiered on in its original configuration. While the EFI bikes had larger diameter...
  16. beemerrich

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    I love the old single carb Trophy machines...
  17. beemerrich

    Has Any One Else Had These Problems with their Street Twin?

    Personally, I'm waiting for them to fix the funny exhaust cadence. Sounds like a pasta-burner to me....
  18. beemerrich

    Time to quit?

    @ fearless leader. A few folks here in Grand Rapids do the same thing...ride out in the winter when conditions allow. For me, I consider the presence of salt on the road an unacceptable riding condition - so I don't take my baby out until the salt has been washed off the roadways in the early...
  19. beemerrich

    08 Bonnie to Scrambler

    You might want to consider longer rear shocks and F3 fork tubes to get some clearance clarence....or not. Just depends how serious you want to get. Good looking bike.
  20. beemerrich

    New Platform For Motorcycle Lovers

    Mmmmmm....I love Spam.
  21. beemerrich

    Recovering yamaha addict

    Nice. I understand your elation on having a more manageable machine to ride. Back in the mid-90s, I went from a shovelhead harley to an airhead beemer...losing over 200 lbs. of machine in the process. Enjoy the ride. Cheers, --Rich
  22. beemerrich

    What tyres would you recommend

    For bias tires, the best grip is Pirelli Sport Demons. Expect to change out the rear often. I hear good things on their Angel GT radials as well...but you have to stuff a 150 section tire in back to use them. I always drew the line at a 140 section due to the 3.5 inch rim width...
  23. beemerrich

    FI Bonneville Partial Throttle Response

    Here's a thread from 'that other forum' that covers the subject well: There are some zero cost things you can do to minimize the snatchiness...see post #3. Good luck, --Rich
  24. beemerrich

    How old and how many years have you been riding?

    This kit available from Bellacorse that moves the controls aft: If the speedo is mechical, then you don't have any recourse. If electronic, then I believe some crafty folks have figured out ways to modify the signal being received in order...