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    throttle tamer

    g2 I installed the g2 on a husaberg and worked well.
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    Changing front springs and oil

    ricors Might check out ricor intiminators.
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    Off the Bonnie for a bit(caution, NSFW, may be uncomfortable to view, surgical incis)

    recovery All best for a good recovery. Maybe time to order the steerite set up for the hack?
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    Nickle or black?

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    How old and how many years have you been riding?

    1st bike a triumph cub when 19, be 70 in a few weeks and still enjoy. tri cub bsa 441 victor- ice, scrambles, hillclimb 650 bsa rickman metisse frame- scrambles 250 bultaco tt-motocross 360 maico-motocross harley trike chopper from police service vech. kawasaki & bsa- pro hillclimb...
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    More Light, again

    stepped Maybe a dual design. A stepped vertical with 5" HID lower and 7" on top.
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    My new Triumph!

    music Arrows with no baffles has got to be music to the ears. Watch for leos though! :-}
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    More Light, again

    vision x I went with the stern and a pr. of vision x leds. Also live in deer country. Have them mounted on a memphis shade at the windshield mounts. Encased them with o rings and can tweek them on the fly if needed. Have them aimed towards the side but still helps light up the total area...
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    oil question?

    oil Won't hurt it a bit.
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    DIY strip and clear your tank....Advice?

    plating Have had a couple bikes with nickel plating, my favorite.
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    Tach or No Tach?

    tach Been thinking along the same lines. I don't need it.
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    Premium gas?

    87 Always used 87 in my 03, no problems. Few stations here carry the alky free gas, so will be going that route though. Price a bit more, but better mileage, so a bit of a trade off. Also been using the alky free gas in the chain saw and snowblower.
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    Welcome to the Art Show!

    cabin fever projects hmmm-photos didn't show??
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    Horray Packers!!

    shots Am a packer fan, but both teams played well and with integrity (no cheap shots). I'm sure Brett felt good to watch Rogers (being a bit of a mentor), but probably turned the tv off when the coach was talking. All in all, one of the best super bowl games, but did have to pass on the...
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    The new tigers?

    Also keeping an eye out. 100 hp and about same weight as the bonne would be nice. The off road aspect would suit my area, so favoring the xc. See how things unfold as more reviews etc. come in.
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    tools Can also get a turntech lith ion battery, and have some room in the battery box.
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    J E T S

    prediction Green Bay all the way. They just discovered the running game a new tiger in their tank.
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    I'm so pissed off at the weather

    whaaa 15 here this morning, did get up to 29. I could handle 50. Got my new elk skin-merino wool gloves, waiting for the January thaw.
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    thinking about another bike soon

    800 After seeing the pics of the new 800 tiger, might be an option. !00 hp and about the same weight as the bonnie, not to shabby. Few sweat mods and there ya go. Price ain't to bad, but maybe more than you want to put into it? With the XC you'd be ok for the occasional off road.
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    Stabbed in the back by my brother

    MF They have a saying where I grew up "paybacks are a MF". Give it time, I'm sure things will work out fine.
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    thinking about another bike soon

    tripel speed tripel :-}
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    Lithium Batteries

    turntech I've had the 5 amp turntech lith ion battery for a year on my bonne and no problems. Good reviews on thumpertalk, husabergdotorg etc..
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    cold weather starting

    With the cooler weather the bonne takes about a dozen starter hits to get going. Guessing the carb heaters come into play here, and wondering if I had a cut off switch for the lights (headlight & 2- 10 wt led visionx) if this wouldn't help??
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    It's here!!!!

    flurries In yooperville high of 40 today, low 20s tonight, but suppose to be in the 50s mon and tue. Younger daughter coming out tomorrow and will want to do some riding. Just got my elk-deerskin-meriono lined gloves-I'm ready.