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  1. fullspeed

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    2010 Black... 2014 Edition. Never done...
  2. fullspeed

    cam cover

    Finally did this today... Removed bolts... Added new (identical) washers from bike bandit directly on top of old washers... Reinstalled same bolts... Torqued to 14... Will ride tomorrow (raining today) and hopefully no more leak!!!
  3. fullspeed

    Favourite bar end mirrors?

    I have CRGs. Never an issue, very well built.
  4. fullspeed

    D9 Bracket & Mini Speedo finally on...

    One of my favorite mods so far. LOVE it. Thanks SETH!!!
  5. fullspeed

    mini gauge brackets

    Ordering D9 today! So that wiring job? Tough?
  6. fullspeed

    mini gauge brackets

    Think I want to pull the trigger on the mini speedo bracket & speedo from Dime City... is it a tough install for a wiring noob? Thanks.
  7. fullspeed

    My new Bonnie Black...

    You know what they say about great minds...:cheers:
  8. fullspeed

    My new Bonnie Black...

    Quoting Lance Armstrong: "Headwind? what headwind?"
  9. fullspeed

    My new Bonnie Black...

    Just a week old. Mods are on the way. Love it! The way motorcycling should be.