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  1. KingBear

    Ultimate Adventure Bike

    Wow, I don’t even remember starting this thread.
  2. KingBear

    Where is triumph?

    I don't believe Triumph has had a presence at the big shows for a long time. As a regular attendee of big trade shows myself, both the public and "trade only" variety, I understand the reluctance to shell out the kind of cash those events require.
  3. KingBear

    What helmet?

    I wear a 3/4 Bell 500 Custom. Since Triumph has a wide range of offerings (street, cruiser, adventure, classic, etc.) you'd be hard pressed to find a consensus for helmets, but among the classic riders, the overall style is best represented by Davida. Though the brand itself isn't particularly...
  4. KingBear

    Agony Aunt letter

    Wait, did he get a reply? Don't leave us hanging.
  5. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Keeping the love alive...
  6. KingBear

    Hi from Maryland

    Awesome indeed! Hail and welcome, fellow Marylander.
  7. KingBear

    Anybody got $8,000 I can borrow?

    Just spotted this restored 1966 T-100 with 5,864 miles on it. I want!
  8. KingBear

    HTX -> SEA via Moab

    Will we take that yellow beauty out on the salt as we pass through Utah?
  9. KingBear

    46.9 mpg!!!

    I was getting 45mpg before I started fiddling with my bike ('06 with carbs). After removing the AI and installing TORs it dropped to about 42 or so.
  10. KingBear

    Dart Question

    Adjust the headlight with the flyscreen pushed back hard against the stops, then torque the mounting bolts to the specified 10Nm (7.370 Lb/Ft). It's tighter than you'd think just going by feel. Be advised that the stops on the flyscreen arms will scratch up your headlight bracket, so put some...
  11. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    That one makes me stand at attention.
  12. KingBear

    Newbonnie's Temp gauge

    No worries, Dsinned. I'm betting that after almost eight years, Jimmy's over it. :)
  13. KingBear

    Maintenance question, what do you do?

    A centre stand and a couple of high quality torque wrenches are invaluable if you want to do it yourself.
  14. KingBear

    Another Triumph sighting

    Seeing one of the Kardashian clan on a Triumph sort of pollutes the brand for me.
  15. KingBear

    Revzilla being sold to Cycle Gear

    I've bought quite a few things from Revzilla. I hope they don't change much.
  16. KingBear

    Sculpted In Steel

    That's outstanding :cheers:
  17. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

  18. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

  19. KingBear

    Sunset colors in the rainy season in Japan

    Niiiiiiiice! :)
  20. KingBear

    forum needs a new post

    The Babes on Bikes thread is always a good place to be creatively proactive. :)
  21. KingBear

    New water cooled Bonneville spotted

    I hate seeing a bike with a radiator that looks like it came out of a '65 Buick. :nono:
  22. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

  23. KingBear

    sales record

    :cheers: Huzzah for Triumph Manassas, not far from my office in Ashburn. I'll have to pay them a little visit this week to congratulate them.
  24. KingBear

    Babes On Bikes *NSFW*

    Oooooo-kay. Let's see what the straight guys think of it. :rolleyes: