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  1. mark66

    Ducati Panigale

    That is one bike that I would have on my bucket list of bikes to own. Unfortunately there is a large hole in the bottom of that bucket and I'm having enough trouble keeping the ones I have now in it. I do love that bike though. :sportbike:
  2. mark66

    good news !

    Sweat!! Glad to hear all went well with the ride and your back with that itch to ride again. Throttle Up!!
  3. mark66

    Wild Camping on a Bonnie...

    Yeah, thanks for sharing......I'd like to catch that show. Looks interesting.
  4. mark66

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I'll second that. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
  5. mark66

    throttle tamer

    I'd wait till springtime when you can get a lot more miles on her and possibly overcome that throttle behavior. I know every time I go from my Bonnie to my sons Ducati the same thing happens to me. After a while I adjust to it and no more problems.
  6. mark66

    Hot engine covers

    You should be able to see the oil level. Make sure your bike is level, have someone help you if you can't hold it level and bend way down to see in that sight glass.
  7. mark66

    neuroboy's bike shopping adventure

    Good deal man!!! You should still have a few days before the snow flies to put some "learning, getting used to the new girl" miles on her.
  8. mark66

    GoPro Movie Sydney Aust.

    I know what you mean.....I do the same thing in the heat of summer. Nice vid too.
  9. mark66

    neuroboy's bike shopping adventure

    Good move. If it's not worth another $500 to you don't pay it. This time of year here who knows, he may come down in a while if he doesn't sell it. If not, you've got plenty of time to find another one.
  10. mark66

    Veterans Day

    Thanks to all who have served and are serving now. US Air Force 1966-1970.
  11. mark66

    This shit always amazes me

    Whoa, cool stuff. Hate to have that owl decide he wants a bite of my face.
  12. mark66

    neuroboy's bike shopping adventure

    Yeah I'd like to have that but my garage is full!!!
  13. mark66

    neuroboy's bike shopping adventure

    Hey Neuro, have you checked out National Powersports up near Concord NH? It's not to far from you. Go online and check them out.
  14. mark66

    2007 T100 Price

    I bought my '07 bonneville a year ago for $4900 from a used bike dealer in New Hampshire, it was in perfect condition and had to pass the New Hampshire motorcycle inspection also. Granted it wasn't a T100 but that's a big jump to $7700. Sounds a little to high to me.
  15. mark66


    Sorry for your loss Mike.
  16. mark66

    New to the board! Cafe Club in Frederick MD... looking for riders.

    Hey welcome wildjester. Nice Scram.
  17. mark66

    Triumph Again

    Welcome LoVel and congrats on the Scram. I am sorry though, there's just no way to stop spending on these bikes.
  18. mark66

    Trouble Finding Bar End Mirrors After Installing Thruxton Handlebars

    The_Josh, hey if you can hold out for about 10 days I've got a set of Ken Sean bar ends that came off a Thrux. If you want I would ship them to you no charge, just cover postage, and if your happy with them we could work out a price. If they're not what you expected just ship them back. Reason I...
  19. mark66

    Time to replace rear brake pads?

    Seems a little soon to wear those pads right down and ruin the disk also. I did my rears at just under 5000 miles and they hadn't reached the wear indicator marks yet. Maybe the pads were sticking a little and not releasing right away. What ever the reason I guess you'll be checking them more...
  20. mark66

    Speedo mounted in headlight bucket of my T100

    Absolutely beautiful and very creative of you. You've really captured the "feel" of the old headlight nacelle. I love it.
  21. mark66

    new T100

    Welcome Ralfy. My wife and I will be headed to your part of the world next week. Going to Paris. I'll look for that T100. :cheers:
  22. mark66

    Classic Bikes and Classic Photos: 1953 Bike Tour of Europe

    Great pics and story. That kind of thing is why I subscribe to The Classic Motorcycle mag from the UK. It's full of old pics of racing and trip pics as well.
  23. mark66

    a friendly reminder

    Good to hear your OK. Seems like a lot of guys here are having a turn with these shitty drivers. I have to say it's been making me more aware while riding. Hope you can get your bike back soon while we still have some decent weather for riding around here.
  24. mark66

    Tappi, Japan

    Thanks for posting the pictures. Really nice looking areas. Beautiful.