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  1. 2Monkeys

    Where is everybody ?

    It is slow around here recently, I'm certainly guilty of reading and not commenting; I think I am not the only one... I see the regulars posting more infrequently as well. I'm not making a value judgment, simply commenting on the pattern I see. Summer is upon us, though in our pluged in world...
  2. 2Monkeys

    Major Modification / Rebuild Dilemma!!!

    spend the money to get the style you love to look at every day. Any $ leftover can purchase some more power.
  3. 2Monkeys

    New water cooled Bonneville spotted

    I like the "no kink" exhaust. Yeah the radiator looks stupid, but so does the oil one our the current bikes. 1100cc would be a blast...
  4. 2Monkeys

    creeping decrepitude

    Here ya go, true story. I was touring around England about 5 years ago and went on the tower tour at Ely Cathedral up 300+ steps to the roof. I was talking to the chap who was leading the tour about his job leading the tours; he mentioned that he use to have debilitating arthritis in his knees...
  5. 2Monkeys

    creeping decrepitude

    Whiskey yoga is the best...
  6. 2Monkeys

    Installed a Luimoto Cover

    That looks fantastic. I wouldn't want to put the cowl back on either!
  7. 2Monkeys

    bar control issue

    Lach - Periodically I have gotten annoyed with my stock hand controls, especially when running a custom harness and M-unit (that was a good bad idea as it turns out). I have researched, though about it and looked some more for years now. What I really want is the look of cable hand controls...
  8. 2Monkeys

    bar control issue

    joker machine makes some, look good but too spendy for me...
  9. 2Monkeys

    what's this?

    the plastic tee use to have a tube on it that goes to the evaporative loss canisters. Put a small filter on it. If you cap it the bike will run really rough. the plugs, one is your accessory plug for heated gear and what not I guess, the other was for the secondary air injection system that...
  10. 2Monkeys

    Fairings, Brackets and Electrics Advice Needed

    ALL EVIDENCE TO THE CONTRARY... Move your R/R to the battery box and attach your gauges to the bracket that is now holding the headlight.
  11. 2Monkeys

    Finally changed my main jets - what to look out for?

    Yeah I'm not surprised you never had popping on overrun with the 42s in, that set up looks like it would be rich at idle and partial throttle to me. The shims are just spacers I don't think it matters which side is up or down, I would just be consistent in which way I placed them. The shimming...
  12. 2Monkeys

    Finally changed my main jets - what to look out for?

    Yeah the overrun popping is just a little leaning out which, from what I have read, having a little is fine. If you have the air injection system still installed the popping will be worse. Seems like most get rid of the AI and have occasional popping on overrun. The K&N and the snorkel out...
  13. 2Monkeys

    Finally changed my main jets - what to look out for?

    The stock answer to all jetting questions is "you should check out jenks bolts tuning guide." The needles you had in there were definitely dyno jet. With staintunes and an intact airbox I would absolutely go back to 40 pilots, stock needles, no shims(maybe one shim but start with none), and as...
  14. 2Monkeys

    British Customs Predators V Arrow 2-1 V Arrow 2-2

    If I had a nickel for every nickel we all have spent on exhaust pipes....
  15. 2Monkeys

    lots of fuel in airbox

    I had a similar situation of fuel pouring out of my pod filters while I was working on getting my jetting right. It turned out that my needles were not seating all the way down (my fault for running dynojet needles up too high) and fuel was going up around them and then leaking out thru one of...
  16. 2Monkeys

    The rise of the Metrosexual

    What this long winded piece of shit says is "We are nostalgic, and Triumph uses that in marketing." Wow, and he seriously does need a bike. He will learn, until then there is ample ridicule to be had on the internet.
  17. 2Monkeys

    brought a smile

    Haha, yep spot on thanks for the smile
  18. 2Monkeys

    what is happening to us

    Dear Lord, the only thing I hate more than young people cursing up a storm, talking mucho and saying nada is old people complaining about it on the internet ;) haha *stands well back*
  19. 2Monkeys

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    that tank color makes it looks almost vintage, really good lookin.
  20. 2Monkeys

    carb/mixture question

    Those jets from Bella corse sound great for use with pod filters
  21. 2Monkeys

    Chicago Mods vs Rockers Video

    clearly they were left in the dust, as usual :motorbike2::rock:
  22. 2Monkeys

    to our canadian brothers. . .

    meh, wolves are genitally like 98% puppy dog... maybe it is one of the nice ones and only wants pats and love, lol.
  23. 2Monkeys

    Bonnie's Facelift

    Life long memory made right there. You are a lucky man, good job dad.