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  1. BonnieBlack Hacked!

    Thank you. My favorite part of this forum is the complete lack of trolls, there are none at all really. Keep up the good work!
  2. BonnieBlack

    Ultimate Adventure Bike

    It's just another fashion poseur bike built for a photo shoot.
  3. BonnieBlack

    Blowing fuse and Oil weep

    Or the fusebox itself
  4. BonnieBlack

    Blowing fuse and Oil weep

    Me too. But the OP is in the UK and they got the EFI a year earlier than us. There are some 2008 EFI up in Canada too. Not sure how a bad R/R would blow the ignition fuse? If the battery is otherwise charging fine I'd discard that theory. Suspicious that the previous owner felt the need to...
  5. BonnieBlack

    New guy with 2016 air-cooled T100 black saddle bag question

    The OEM rails are great. Work really well and look fine with the bags off. Your bike will with work with rails from any year of an SE or T-100 air-cooled Bonnie. I have OEM rails on one of my Bonnies and eBay ones on my other. Ebay ones have this long bolt at the top that worried me, because I...
  6. BonnieBlack

    Headlight night riding

    How do you turn it off? They are always on, on USA models at least. Look for a bad fuse or a blown bulb.
  7. BonnieBlack

    Broken Spokes

    The new hub was phased in on the 2007 models, some of those have it and some don't. And 2008 and later spoked air-cooled have it. In my mind the peak of the Bonnies is a 2007 with the straight spokes, in black ;) There was talk about broken spokes on the earlier models, along the lines of the...
  8. BonnieBlack

    EFI mag wheel Bonneville (2013) startup problems

    Well, I'm in the same boat. Wife's EFI bike wouldn't start. It's been sitting for two weeks, not on a tender. But that should be OK. It gave her a hard time. I think the safety switch in her clutch lever is bad, and that needs be move moved around for it to catch. But during that struggle the...
  9. BonnieBlack

    EFI mag wheel Bonneville (2013) startup problems

    That's some great information there to base a recommendation from. Sure looks like your charging system is working. Battery takes a charge. Yet "I hit the starter again: click. A couple more times and the speedometer light went off. (And at this point, the meter read 11.2v)". I'd make sure my...
  10. BonnieBlack

    Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

    Mine with aftermarket mosfet reads 14.5. Wife's with OEM r/r reads 14.0.
  11. BonnieBlack

    K&N oil filter recall

    For anyone still using K&N oil filters, some of the KN-204s are recalled:
  12. BonnieBlack

    Experienced insight needed

    I think your '09 is EFI, not carbed. Looks like carbs but they are throttle bodies. Doesn't matter much though. If you have money to spend on it then I'd look at shocks first since you already have pipes you like. You might want to address the seat comfort too. Bar end mirrors. Luggage. Get...
  13. BonnieBlack

    Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

    No way it should drop down to 8 and 10 ever. Bad battery or bad rectifier or bad wiring between them. Well, the other thing you can check is that stator. Make sure you have near zero resistance between each pair of the three pins, and total resistance between each pin and the battery ground...
  14. BonnieBlack

    Ground locations on 2008 Bonneville

    Did you put in a name-brand battery, YUASA or similar? I'd suspect a bad battery, but since you just replaced it seems doubtful. Unless it was a discount batteries+plus deal or something. What kind of rectifier did you put in, another OEM one? Did the rectifier connectors in the headlight...
  15. BonnieBlack

    Having trouble Starting due to Neutral Indicator...?

    Wow, biggest news there is that they had one in stock! Happy days, hope that took care of it.
  16. BonnieBlack

    Having trouble Starting due to Neutral Indicator...?

    There is a neutral switch on the bottom of the engine, it screw in near the oil filter, behind and a bit to the throttle side. It has a connector with two wires. It senses when the transmission is in neutral. Hard to believe that would already be bad on a 2014, but take a look. If it is leaking...
  17. BonnieBlack

    Is it just me....or....

    He had the press with him when he went to the dealer the next day to return the car. He seemed pretty comfortable in front of the camera. Had his sound bites all ready. I think he's the same breed as the balloon-boy dad, just looking for some fame. And money. And the media is more than happy to...
  18. BonnieBlack

    Factory tach

    The 2008 is so wired, I mean it is wired for tach and has the appropriate cables from the ignitor block into the headlight bucket. I'm sure the '07 is too, although I'm not sure what year they changed over.
  19. BonnieBlack

    What's in store for Triumph in 2012

    I've never like the new Thunderbird, and somehow that iteration makes me actively hate it. Especially where the last iteration looked so cool
  20. BonnieBlack

    Is Daniel Stern Lighting the same Daniel Stern that voiced "The Wonder Years?"

    Well he may be this guy instead: Name: Daniel J Stern Bio: Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? I'm here inviting the sin-sick, not the spiritually-fit. It's embarrassing how long I googled the Stern names to figure out if they were the same guy...
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    Replacing the stock air filter a Uni foam one is another pretty cheap and trivially easy way to increase air flow on that side of the carbs, but not as cheap as pulling the snorkel :) It sure would be nice to know what size jets were in there. They must have put some bigger ones in with the...
  22. BonnieBlack

    Is Daniel Stern Lighting the same Daniel Stern that voiced "The Wonder Years?"

    And they have the same middle initial, both are Daniel J. Stern. QED
  23. BonnieBlack

    fuel air mixture screw

    This is what you're looking for I believe:
  24. BonnieBlack

    Suggestions--cheap mods

    If you open up the airflow through the carbs by changing the air intake side or on the silencer end, you need to change the jets inside the carbs to make sure you don't run too lean. Dinqua's site at has an awesome walk through. Find the Jenk's Bolts...