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    Hello from Missouri, USA

    Welcome around! -Simpson
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    keys lost

    They had fallen into a box...probably had workout videos or some other kind of worthless crap in it. -Simpson
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    keys lost

    Guess what...just moved (again) and my sister-in-law was helping us move and FOUND MY DAMNED KEYS!!! WooHoo!!! Now I have spares! -Simpson
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    Congrats! -Simpson
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    Do not use Paypal if you can avoid it. The buyer can claim that you never delivered the bike and you will be out of the money and the bike. Paypal sucks. (unless you are an honest buyer) -Simpson
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    Passing the Torch

    Thanks for keeping the fire lit. This is one of my favorite sites. -Simpson
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    Updated Fire Starter Performance Igniter Unit

    Very cool. -simpson
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    First bike ever

    Great choice! Welcome home! -NS
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    It has been for a while...

    Welcome back around. -simpson
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    Intro: New member in CA

    welcome around. -simpson
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    New Year

    Happy New Years to All!!!! Make it a great one! -simpson
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas to all!!! Happy Holidays! -simpson
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    Broke my golden rule

    The best learned lessons are the hardest...glad you got it sorted out! -simpson
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    Hope all had a great Thanksgiving! -simpson
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    keys lost

    I am working on getting keys made from my vin from Triumph through a dealer. Wish me luck. -simpson
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    keys lost

    I lost my damned key...and my backup key. Can a dealer decode my vin and get me a key cut? Can a good locksmith pull from my lock cylinder and create a new key? Any other ideas? Thanks, Nathaniel Simpson
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    Ducati Scrambler

    ditto. -simpson
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    2008 Triumph Scrambler (low pipes) NC

    Flaco, you are behind me in line for those wheels! I hate to see you selling her. Great bike. -simpson
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    ProCom Igniter $235

    I have a ProCom igniter for sale. New in box. $235 shipped PM me here or email me: [email protected] -simpson
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    Hello from SC/NC!

    Welcome! -simpson
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    Slim chance at a 1978 550 Four

    If it has a title it can be made whole again! ...but at what cost? Those Hondas are great bikes. I love my 1976 CB550F. -simpson
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    Thruxton Aluminum Seat Cowl

    Wow! That looks great! How much are they? Where do I get one? Thanks! -simpson
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    What's your bone head mistakes...

    I kick-started an ugly Honda CB125 whilst it was up on a lift....we wound up on the floor of the shop in the missionary position (with me on the bottom). -simpson
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    New dealer in Greensboro, NC

    Awesome... I was visiting the new Indian dealership in Greensboro and was thinking that somebody needed to pick up the Triumph mark! -simpson