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  1. Flaco

    Jokes Thread

    A penguin noticed an oil leak on his car... Took it the garage and the mechanic said "I'll look at it, come back in an hour"... The penguin walked out and noticed an ice cream store across the street... Penguins love ice cream! After finishing his ice cream he walks back to the garage and...
  2. Flaco


    Bait and switch, a scam just like BackPage... I replied to an escort ad on BackPage and she agreed to meet me at my hotel room... She showed up to my door and she didn't look like anything like her add photo's! v v v v v v v v It was my WIFE!:eeek::hj::lol: A sucker is born every...
  3. Flaco

    Michelin Pilot Active 110/80/17

    No, Let google be your friend in your search for proper tire sizing for the rim size and application. Start with the tire manufacturer, tire choice and rim size... I run Avon's and their tire sizing and fitment application is cool... So is Michelin's and Pirelli's...
  4. Flaco

    Skeeter Did Something BAD

    You're killing me! Love it! Enjoy! Say hello to Sr. for me...
  5. Flaco

    Where is everybody ?

    Cool! I can sure empathize w/ health issues... My wife and myself are sure dealing with them... Damn! After riding for 45 years and then building, wrenching and fabricating for 8 years I sure do miss having my joy put on the back burner... This too shall pass... Steve pm's me on...
  6. Flaco

    WTB stock Bonneville T100 top yokes

    Lach, Sorry I don't get online as often as I used to... I do have a '05 790 w/ 34k on the clock and a set of stock rims (my son has my Excel rims) that I may part with... pm me off group... [email protected] Best to you and your family... Allin...
  7. Flaco

    WTB stock Bonneville T100 top yokes

    Seth, I've got a polished top yoke (you've seen it) if you just need it for photo set up for your brackets that I'll loan you... Might sell it as I may part out one of my '05 Bonnevilles... Allin, [email protected]
  8. Flaco

    Jokes Thread

    True story! Riding w/ two guys on HD's I sped up and split off on my Bonnie... They reported me as a missing person... The desk sergeant asked the two "What's his name?" "Flaco" "No, his real name!" "Don't know." "What's he look like?" "A bad ass biker!" "Where does he...
  9. Flaco

    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    You nailed it with this video! Green light means go... Time goes… Adriano Celentano! Triumph! Mucho Gracias! Flaco...
  10. Flaco

    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    Well, two of my favorite riders and posters, Rich and Lach… I just noticed Rich's black jugs on the silver lower case! How cool is that! My update, used to ride 12k a year round about the Southwest and Rocky Mountain states 'till health got in the way… Wrenching again with most of mod's going...
  11. Flaco

    WTB stock Bonneville T100 top yokes

    I have a bottom yoke assembly w/o the top yoke. Allin...
  12. Flaco

    Anyone taken a long road trip on their Bonnie

    My internet acquaintance… Fanatsic blog… You'll need some free time to get through it and start at the beginning… Grab a Guinness! Splendid photo's!
  13. Flaco

    sales record

    FWIW I found out last week that Royal Enfield sales out sold HD worldwide last year… Trivial trivia… Tucson Ducati has pre sold 6 scramblers, while other dealers are in the dozens…
  14. Flaco

    No Ozzi Riders Allowed Thread

    Nick, My sincere condolences go out to you, your friend wobblygong, his family and friends… Kindest regards… Flaco... A sad and tearfull good bye to a true friend… Carry on...
  15. Flaco

    My eldest son's art...

    Now if he and I can get his alternator out of his 2000 VW Passat we'll be shittin' in tall cotton! :mad2:
  16. Flaco

    My eldest son's art...

    Enjoy his time lapse art video on GoPro…
  17. Flaco

    NYC this weekend

    Pic's of both please!
  18. Flaco

    stuff to do this winter

    Yes, it's brutal! However that's why we ride south in the winter months to avoid the cold and chilly air. We ride north in the summer months to higher elevations that mimic your northern summers… Here is the caveat. Then we hit the heat coming home from the higher elevations! Hey Roger. There...
  19. Flaco

    stuff to do this winter

    You guy's are killing me! Damn! I live in one best enviorments for riding and I still can't find the time to ride, wrench and repeat! Work, home and health… Carry on and when you move to the south west look me up! drlapo. You have a lot on your plate. Trust you have a heated work space… Flaco…
  20. Flaco

    Ride report, discovering a black hole

    You're a brave ol' man… I can't ride in cold weather anymore, even the 18 miles to work w/ lights! Glad you got home safe! On the humorus side, It sounds and prolly looks like a WalMart moment w/ the flashlights taped to that fine motorcycle!:lol2: Hope you had turn and tail...:eeek:
  21. Flaco

    building a better bolt...

    Thanks, New to me... I'll check it out… I'm kicking tyres also on another ride...
  22. Flaco

    I'll show you mine if you'll show me your's! PICTURE THREAD

    Jason, This is how we all started out w/ these Bonnie's… Mod it on! Looks good as is, but I bet you have idea's for it!
  23. Flaco

    building a better bolt...

    A co-worker just bought a Bolt. Got it Friday. Havn't seen it yet. Black styling I understand, not sure if it's Cafe bar style or what… I can't wait to see it and ride w/ Luis… I't will be fun I'm sure… That's what it's all about!