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  1. BlueJ

    Want a cafe/bratstyle bonnie....

    ... but I don't have the skills, at all. Nor the time or inclination to get them. Please don't lecture me about how much better about myself I'll feel, etc. etc. - I've got mroe self-improvement projects than I can shake a stick at. But what I don't have is any clue where/how to find a good...
  2. BlueJ

    WTB: OEM Speedo w/trip reset for '07 Bonnie

    I think the title says it all. I've busted the reset knob off but good - the shaft actually broke. While I like knowing how many total miles I have, I'm really tired of being clueless as to how many miles I have on the tank, so I'll put a whole new speedo on. Stateside, please.... Cheers!
  3. BlueJ

    Oscar Night

    Just want to give a shout out for my personal friends Tony and Jonna M., who are in L.A. tonight wondering if the movie about an earlier chapter in Tony's life will take the prize for best picture. Not really something I always follow but I'm so excited for my friends! Go ARGO!!!
  4. BlueJ

    Dakar 2013 - Part 1 of 3

    OK so there will be some Dakar shots in here (3, to be precise), but mostly this was an awesome trip to Tierra del Fuego and the Atacama High Desert in Chile that Bonnielass took us on (and yes, we did watch the Dakar rally go by on a transfer leg between Calama, Chile and Jujuy, Argentina)...
  5. BlueJ

    A word of appreciation

    I just want to thank everyone here at NBR for being so... civilized. This is a great forum and a great bunch of folks (except for the douches, of course). I'm on another forum for my car, and dear god those kids over there are a bunch of sanctimonious mofos. Triumph riders rock!!!
  6. BlueJ

    Electrical Theory

    (thanks Corey!) Positive ground (they meant "earth") depends on proper circuit functioning, which is the transmission of negative ions by retention of the visible spectral manifestation known as smoke. Smoke is the thing that makes electrical circuits work. We know this to be true because...
  7. BlueJ

    Brake rotors

    Hey guys - I'm looking into new rotors for my Bonnie. Question is, does anyone know if the size/bolt pattern changed for the '07 compared to the '06? I really want to get Braking's STX rotors, and they have the same part number for the front rotor between '06 and '07 (TR03FLD), but I can't...
  8. BlueJ

    Attention MD/DC/VA Members!!! TED NUGENT

    Two tickets to Ted Nugent at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, tonight (Friday 8/3) at 8pm. I will email my pdf file. First reply gets them. Free.
  9. BlueJ

    A little bit warm on the east coast...

    Updated Weather Forecast
  10. BlueJ


    I think mine is fried. :( Last ride where I had the GPS on, we came to a stop after an hour or so, then I didn't have enough juice (in an brand new, previously fully charged battery) to start. So we bump started it, and I went home. I'm not totally suprised - my new headlights consume 35...
  11. BlueJ

    Warm and sunny in MoCoMD

    Lovely day for a ride today! First 'ogling' of the year... guy yells across the parking lot to his wife, "that's the one I want!". Not for sale, buddy, not for sale.
  12. BlueJ

    Nice Muff (SFW)

    Hey Gents, and Lasses! I've been thinking for a while about getting some pipes that are more open than my TORs. Common thinking seems to be that the Predators are the shit, however to my eye they look a little too 'sportbikey', and I'm not at all sure they go with full sized rear fenders...
  13. BlueJ

    What to do today?

    Hmm... Oh wait, I know!!!
  14. BlueJ

    North America Takeover, or Let's Go See Tito!!

    Bonnielass and I are kicking around the idea of a pretty big ride, this summer or fall. Basic itinerary would be DC -> Colorado (Colorado Springs, Aspen) -> Boise, Idaho, then back. Maybe 3 weeks total, maybe a little more?? Possibly trailering the bikes from here to Colo Spgs, just to avoid...
  15. BlueJ

    Men vs. Women

    From a FB friend....
  16. BlueJ

    Baltimore Grand Prix

    OK OK I know it wasn't bikes... but it was pretty cool!!
  17. BlueJ

    I have a new fixation....

    ... don't get me wrong, I still love my FUN UP (rode to work yesterday!!)... but we had a suckass year for cars here in the BlueJ/Bonnielass household and it's finally starting to settle down. On Friday night I Amtrak-ed to Connecticutt. On Saturday I got a sunburn on the way home. :rock:
  18. BlueJ

    Cars -- SFW

    Hey gang! Any of you near Franklin, TN? I'm selling my car and getting a new ride... and one of the ones on my shortlist is in that town. Before I jump on the bike and head down for a test drive, I was wondering if any of y'all (a) live nearby and/or (b) would be willing to check it out on my...
  19. BlueJ

    Funky sounds.

    I'd been noticing for a while that my Bonnie made a funky sound like a grind or a crunch on low speed sharp turns (like into my drive way). And the other day when I pulled it in to the garage after the Bennington run I noticed it seemed worse. I was too tired to look at it, but today I checked...
  20. BlueJ

    Lighting and Such

    I'll be posting the running results of my lighting exercise here, in the hopes that it's useful. Today's installment is a comparison of the Bosch reflector from Daniel Stern and the Hella reflector that arrived today from Amazon. In all cases, the bulb is the Daniel Stern Narva. Part...
  21. BlueJ

    My Blinkgeber's Busted!

    One reason it's good to have two identical bikes: Suspect a faulty part? Swap it with it's match on the other bike and see if fault still exists. :) I guess the water dripping out of it because it's rubber thingy ma jingy holding it to the clip was broken and thus it was dangling upside...
  22. BlueJ

    NSFW Placeholder

    Bonnielass went on a photo shoot meetup at this abandonded factory in B'More - last time she came back with some cool shots. This time she rode her bike and texted me a while back that they have the bike up on the factory floor and are about to start shooting it/her. WooHoo!!!! Apparently one...
  23. BlueJ

    More Light, again

    So every year about this time it turns into riding at night home from work season, and every year I hate my lights. Hated stock and went to the sealed beam H6024 that some rave about. Hated that. Went to Daniel Stern and got the lecture, then got the Cibie reflector and the Navram bulb. Love...
  24. BlueJ

    TT, anyone?

    Bonnielass and I are working up to going again this year. We went in '09 and it was AWESOME! Only stayed for 3 days as there was all of Scotland beckoning. This year hoping to make it a longer stay on IOM. Anyone else going??