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  1. tooblekain

    Rear Tire Takeoffs for Modern Classics (from trackdays and racing): $30 shipped CONUS

    Hello everyone, Outside of my beloved Triumph Bonneville, I also race/track a Ninja 250. It turns out that the Ninja 250 rear tires I use also work perfect on my 2007 Triumph Bonneville as well as any modern classic lineup where the OEM tire size for the rim was a 130/80/17. I have a bunch of...
  2. tooblekain

    FS: Custom Renntec Rack with Welded Sissy Bar

    SOLD I am the second owner of this. This was recently purchased from forum member welfarebanks from "that other forum." Shortly after I made the purchase I realized it was something I didn't want but I was not going to flake out on him. Original post from welfarebanks below from "that other...
  3. tooblekain

    FS: TEC Centerstand for Triumph Bonneville

  4. tooblekain

    FS: British Customs Predator Exhaust

  5. tooblekain

    I made it on RoadRacing World as a Featured Rider

    Check it out :gsxr:
  6. tooblekain

    FS: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II front tire 110/70/17

    As stated, I have a Pirelli Diablo Rosso II front tire for sale. Has barely any useage and plenty of meat left on the tire. Willing to let it go for $75 shipped CONUS. Accept Paypal only for payment. Will be able to post a picture shortly. Perfect tire for those on 17" front wheels on...
  7. tooblekain

    FS: Thruxton Gel Seat

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Geniune Triumph Accessory Thruxton Gel Seat. No rips or tears. Triumph logo was painted with yellow acrylic paint. There is a small "indentation" in the seat cover/vinyl. I have a small 10mm nut next to it for reference. "Indentation" possibly caused by a...
  8. tooblekain

    FS: Joker Machine Union Jack Billet Front Brake Resevoir Cap

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Barely used and in excellent condition. Comes with mounting hardware. No scratches, dings, dents, etc. The scratches in the picture is actually lint from a shop rag. $50 shipped CONUS SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD
  9. tooblekain

    FS: Thruxton Centerstand BRAND NEW

    Brand new TEC Thruxton center stand. Selling because it didn't work with my Bonneville with ZRX rear shocks. Will work perfectly for Thruxtos. Selling for $95 shipped CONUS. I know you say that's more than brand new on their site, but they charge $27 for shipping. So this is a bargain...
  10. tooblekain

    You GOTTA see this ad

    Found this on another forum. Clicked on the link and just almost shat myself from laughter:
  11. tooblekain is done..

    So after 3.5 years, I finally got the best letter I could get. I got a letter from GE Financial stating that my loan for my 2007 Bonneville has been paid off and should be expecting the title soon! Such a big relief...and now that money could be used to mod up my Bonnie...however the funny...
  12. tooblekain

    How To: DIY Oil Pressure Gauge

    This was an item I have always wanted for my Bonneville but could not for the life of me come to terms to spending close to $200 for the kit. Plus I wanted the satisfaction knowing you spent the time to research and built up something yourself. I finally had some free time between all the...
  13. tooblekain

    HILARIOUS song--"Bounce that Dick" NSFW (lyrics)

    Worth a listen. I was laughing my ass off. If you're at work, listen with earphones or turn down the speakers. If your at a safe place....pump up the volume
  14. tooblekain

    Possible solution for removing the pesky cam holder bolts

    Hey all, I know for my next valve clearance check I will most likely need to change the shims. I have read many horror stories of the torx head bolts that hold the cams down can be a total PITA to remove because they seized. I was thinking that possibly using a cordless impact driver to...
  15. tooblekain

    Jetting, shim recommendations for Predator Exhausts

    Hey all, In the near future my Bonneville will be paid off and I plan on doing my first expensive mod of making it sound like a beast instead of a sewing machine. I have decided to go with the Predator Exhaust but I am not sure what jet size, shims, how many turns on what screw etc. I would...
  16. tooblekain

    Bonneville in Sons of Anarchy

    Did anyone watch the season premiere for the show Sons of Anarchy? It had a scene where a guy rides a Triumph Bonneville
  17. tooblekain

    Finally!!! After 41K miles...

    (putting flame suit on).....I finally replaced my OEM chains and sprockets. Yes, it was long overdue. The chain was so stretched and worn out that when I spun the wheel the chain would get really really loose and then really tight as a drum skin. At that point I REALLY knew I had to replace...
  18. tooblekain

    Any stores running chain and sprocket deals?

    Hey all, So after 40k miles, my OEM is really worn out (it gets really tight then really loose) so Im well overdue for a new set of chains and sprockets. Does anyone know of any stores running any specials for a 2007 Triumph Bonneville?
  19. tooblekain

    Video: My Girlfriend's awesome riding

    I haven't done one of these in a while so I finally got my creative juices flowing and actually made a video of my girlfriend's return to riding the track after 10 weeks from recovering from a laundry list of injuries. She actually got to ride my 675 (since her SV650 was in a state in repair)...
  20. tooblekain

    A guy chases his own stolen motorcycle

    Not sure if this is a repost, but this hits REALLY close to home for all of us:
  21. tooblekain

    removing plastic fork protectors

    Hey all, Sorry if this is a stupid question but I finally ordered some fork gaitors because I need to protect the inner chrome tubes on my forks because now I see some small rust spots. I'll probably remove them using a liquid abrasive like Brasso. Considering how much I ride my Bonneville...
  22. tooblekain

    Anyone know the Ilco Key blank for 2007 Bonneville

    Hey all, Just as the title says...anyone know the proper key blank for a 2007 Bonneville. I have quite a bit of the Ilco X270 TMC1 which works great for a 2006 Daytona 675 and my dad's 2000 Sprint RS, but the 3 locksmiths I went to said that's not the proper blank for my Bonnie and they...
  23. tooblekain

    Mods vs. Rockers in San Diego, CA this weekend

    Hey all, Anyone attending the Mods vs. Rockers ride this weekend?